Teaching urology at Luhansk State Medical University (then Voroshilovgrad Medical Institute) began in 1958 at the Department of Faculty Surgery. The first teacher was the candidate of medical sciences MO Grishin.


Founder of the course of urology (since 1958)
doctor of medical sciences, professor
Mikhail Alexandrovich Grishin (1904 - 1998)

  Since 1968, the course began to work 3 employees - Associate Professor MO Grishin, assistants AI Gaponenko and VR Pepenin. In 1970, the course of urology was separated into an independent one, and in 1978 it again became part of the Department of Faculty Surgery together with the course of dentistry and pediatric surgery.


The first course of urology - Professor MO Grishin; Candidates of Medical Sciences VR Pepenin, AI Гапоненко; clinical resident VN Pudovkin; laboratory assistant L.V. Zaitseva

In 1990, the Department of Urology was established with a course in oncology (organizer and head - Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Professor VR Pepenin).


Head of the Department of Urology with a course in oncology (since 1990)
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Volodymyr Rozumnikovych Pepenin

  Employees of the department, at the time of its creation, were MD, Professor VR Pe-penin, associate professor Ph.D. Ye.I. Abolmasov, assistants: Ph.D. AI Гапоненко, А.О. Biryukov and VT Radomska, senior laboratory assistant H.I. Krychevska. At different times at the department worked-whether: Yu.A. Ененко, Ю.А. Хунов, В.М. Комаревцев, С.В. Pepenin, VS Thorenko.

  In 2003, the department was headed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Komarevtsev VM Instead of the course of oncology at the department began to teach a course of occupational diseases (Ph.D. associate professors IF Nal-cha and GV Myakotkina).


The staff of the Department of Urology (together with clinical residents, graduate students, interns) with the staff of the Department of Urology LOCL

  Since 2006, the department was united in the course of urology and hospital surgery under the leadership of the head of the department, MD, Professor Komarevtseva VM


From left to right: assistant Kononenko DO, associate professor Chaika OO,
associate professor Buka G.Yu., professor Komarevtsev VM

  The teaching staff of the Department of Surgery and Urology at this time was:

3 professors (MD Komarevtsev VM, MD Pepenin VR, MD Bu-ka G.Yu.);
6 associate professors (Candidate of Medical Sciences Spiridonenko VV, Candidate of Medical Sciences Komarevtseva KV, Candidate of Medical Sciences Mironenko OM, Candidate of Medical Sciences Usov SM , Candidate of Medical Sciences Chaika OO, Candidate of Medical Sciences Dolgopolov VV);
3 assistants (Ph.D. Kononenko DO, Belichenko OV, Shevchuk YV);
3 clinical residents (foreign citizens - Jaber Saeed, Abdul Farah, Qasir Ahmad);
auxiliary staff of the department: 2 tbsp. laboratory assistant (Lapina OG, Garkovenko VM), laboratory assistant - Martinova OO
Among the teaching staff, 83% of teachers have a degree and 75% have a degree.


Head Dept., MD, Prof. Komarevtsev VM demonstrates to foreign students the possibilities of ultrasound diagnostics in urology

  During the existence of the course and the department, 4 doctoral dissertations were defended (MO Grishin, 1970; GO Mozhaev, 1984; VR Pepenin, 1986; VM Komarevtsev, 2002 ) and 18 candidate dissertations (AI Gaponenko, VR Pepenin, AV Fomenko, AA Biryukov, DV Stetsenko, VA Gamachek, EV Chernov, MS Kopeyka, YA Hunov, Suleiman Ali, YV Kukurekin, AN Bushuchenko, VM Komarevtsev, SV Pepenin, VV Spiridonenko, Samer Ahmed al Zurigat, Musab Sharif Ziyud, Komarevtseva KV, Gontsov YV).

  Published 8 monographs - "Diseases of a single kidney" (MO Grishin et al., 1976), "Pyelonephritis" (VR Pepenin et al., 1989), "Cations against metals" (V. R. Pepenin et al., 1992) "Membrane modulation in medicine" (VR Pepenin et al., 1997), "New use of old antiseptics" (VR Pepenin et al., 1999) ), "Sumy-zhi diseases in surgery" (VR Pepenin and sang., 2002), "Nutrition in oncology" (EI Abolmasov and sang., 1986), "Apoptosis in urology and oncology "(VM Komarevtsev, 2002).


Associate Professor, Ph.D. Komarevtseva KV conducts practical classes with students.

  In 2013, methodological developments for independent preparation of 4th year students, as well as methodological developments for practical training for foreign students were prepared and published by the printing method.


  In central publications, conferences, symposia and congresses both in Ukraine and abroad, more than 700 scientific papers and reports were published, more than 30 copyright certificates and more than 150 innovation proposals were received.

  The main directions of scientific activity of the department are functional state and diseases of the single kidney, urolithiasis, traumatic injuries of the genitourinary system and urinary fistulas, issues of oncourology and apoptosis of the urogenital system.


  Employees of the department take an active part in clinical work: work in medical institutions of the region as practicing physicians, supervise patients in the hospital and on an outpatient basis (especially in complex cases), conduct "open", minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery (with special equipment and skills), consult "difficult" patients from all over the Luhansk region and not only, on duty at the clinic at night, go with medical aircraft at any time to any place as needed.


Endoscopic surgery on the urinary tract is performed by a
professor, MD. V.M. Комаревцев

The staff of the "urological" part of the department was (until September 2014): Doctor of Medicine, Professor Komarevtsev VM; Doctor of Medicine, Professor Pepenin VR; Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor VV Spiridonenko; Ph.D. Komarevtseva KV, assistant Belichenko OV, assistant Shevchuk YV, laboratory assistant Lapina OG.


  Due to the turbulent events in eastern Ukraine, the university (and the department, respectively) were evacuated to the city of Rubizhne, resumed operations in October 2014. Several departments were reorganized, the composition of the departments underwent some changes - not all employees agreed to move. New employees were invited and hired: various specialists, medical practitioners from Rubizhne Hospital and other nearby cities of the region. The material and technical base of the university and departments is constantly expanded and updated: premises are reformed and allocated, repair works are performed, various equipment and means are purchased (computer equipment, educational and scientific equipment, laboratory reagents, etc.), the library fund is renewed and replenished.

  Currently, the department is called - the Department of Urology, Radiology, Transfusiology and Radiation Medicine. The department employs: head of the department, professor, doctor of medical sciences. V.M. Комаревцев; Associate Professor Ph.D. І.В. Фролова; assistant I.E. Карасьов; part-time assistants Mudrak AG and Prokopenko TV; hourly payment assistants Fedotova AA and Berezhny AP; laboratory assistant Sosareva NL.