The Academic Council is a collegial governing body of the University, which is formed for a period of five years, the membership of which is approved by order of the Rector within five working days from the end of the previous term of the Academic Council.

The Academic Council of the University:
1) determines the strategy and perspective directions of development of educational, scientific and innovative activity of the University;
2) approves the financial plan and annual financial report of the University;
3) defines the system and approves the procedures for internal quality assurance of higher education;
4) makes decisions on the organization of the educational process, determines the terms of study at the corresponding levels;
5) makes decisions on the placement of own revenues in the territorial bodies of the central body of executive power in the field of treasury servicing of budget funds, or in banking institutions;
6) decides on the proposal of the rector on the formation, reorganization and liquidation of structural units;
7) elects by secret ballot for the positions of deans, heads of departments, professors and associate professors, director of the library;
8) approves educational programs and curricular for each level of higher education and specialty;
9) approves the sample and procedure for preparing its own document on higher education, regulations on the procedure and grounds for its issuance to graduates, as well as samples, procedure and grounds for issuing joint and double diplomas to graduates;
10) approves the main directions of scientific research and innovation;
11) evaluates the scientific and pedagogical activities of structural units;
12) assigns the academic titles of professor, associate professor and senior researcher and submits the relevant decisions for approval to the attestation board of the central executive body in the field of education and science;
13) makes final decisions on the recognition of foreign documents on higher education, scientific degrees and academic titles during the employment of pedagogical, scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other employees, as well as during the enrollment of applicants;
14) has the right to submit a petition for recall of the Rector of the University on the grounds provided by law, the contract, which is considered by the highest collegial body of public self-government of the University;
15) make decisions on applications for the award of honorary titles, nomination of candidates for state awards of Ukraine, election to the National and branch academies of sciences of Ukraine;
16) nominates candidates for academic and nominal scholarships.