Chronicle of Luhansk State Medical University

 Order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of May 6, 1956 №2522 to organize a medical institute in Voroshilovgrad with a plan to recruit students in 1956 for I and II courses of 200 people and call it "Voroshilovgrad Medical Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian SSR"

1956-1960 - Formation and organization of departments;

1961-1967 - Formation of material and technical base of departments and divisions of the institute;

1968-1969 - Construction of two multi-storey dormitories, an educational building in a medical campus;

1970 - Construction of two new dormitories;

1971 - Opening of a special council for the defense of PhD theses, which ceased to exist in 1975;

1973 - Opening of a preparatory department for working youth, which lasted about twenty years;

1979 - The first students were admitted by the Faculty of Postgraduate Education of Doctors. The printing of the institute newspaper "Aesculapius" has begun;

1982 - Opening and use of a new educational building;

1983 - Opening of the Faculty of Foreign Students and the Faculty of Pediatrics;

1989-1990 - New departments were organized: medical physics with computer technology, computer science and cybernetics; clinical immunology, allergology and genetics; outpatient therapy. Open Specialized Academic Council for the defense of PhD theses in the specialty "Internal Medicine";

1993 - Establishment on the basis of the institute of one of the first in Ukraine medical and biological lyceum-boarding school for rural youth;


Establishment of the modern State Institution
"Lugansk State Medical University"

OF AUGUST 29, 1994 № 592

On improving the network of higher education institutions 
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolves: 
The proposal of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health agreed with the relevant councils of deputies, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, the establishment of Lugansk State Medical University at the Luhansk medical institute liquidation.

1994 - Open I and II medical faculties, as well as the faculty of bachelor nurses with higher education. Open Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. The construction of a 9-storey dormitory has been completed;

1995 - The university is certified by the highest IV level of accreditation. Open Department of Propaedeutics of Children's Diseases;

1996 - Preparatory department for foreign students is opened;

1997 - Completion of the construction of the block of the educational building, which houses the departments of human anatomy, medical biology, histology, cytology and embryology, normal physiology;

1998 - Opening of the faculties of pharmacy and dentistry, the faculty of nurses-bachelors with higher education with an extended school day (evening). Opening of the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, Department of Dentistry. Completion of the construction of the classroom block of the educational building. Beginning of publishing scientific and practical journals and collections approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Almanac", "Problems of ecological and medical genetics and clinical immunology", "Actual problems of obstetrics and gynecology, clinical immunology and medical genetics";

1999 - Opening of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Construction of a block of the educational building, which houses the departments of informatics and medical equipment, pharmacology, medical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy, as well as the university center;

2000 - The winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology for the development and implementation of a medical life support system for victims of man-made accidents and disasters was a group of scientists led by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, MD. Professor Mozhayev Gennady Alexandrovich. The University Medical Library "Book Palace" and a garage for 10 cars were built. Launched the publication "Ukrainian Journal of Extreme Medicine. G.O. Mozhayev ”, which was approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine;

2001 - The newly built "Pharmacy-Studio" is put into operation, as well as the economic and technical center with workshops, warehouses and service points. Open classrooms №1 and №2 after their reconstruction;

2002 - After the reconstruction, the deans' offices of the faculties were opened; won the first prize among young scientists of Ukraine by associate professor RV Bondarev;

2003 - Open departments: obstetrics and gynecology № 2; nervous diseases; family medicine FPDO. Foreign students began studying in English. The award of the President of Ukraine in the field of science was received by young scientists associate professor Nalapko YI and assistant Dokashenko DA The university dental clinic built and equipped with modern equipment was put into operation. Open university stadium. Acquired sanatorium. The park of the campus is laid;

2004 - Open Department of Distance Learning at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Open Department of Dentistry №2. Formation of the Family Medicine Center. Outdoor tennis courts and sports grounds. The auditorium №5 is open after its reconstruction. Beginning of publishing the scientific-practical journal "Ukrainian Morphological Almanac". After the reconstruction, the student theater started working in the new building;

2005 - Opening of the Specialized Academic Council for the defense of dissertations in the specialty "Pathological Physiology (Biological Sciences)". The departments were reorganized and merged. A group of young scientists-surgeons won the first prize of the regional competition of scientific works. Training has started in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Process. Open auditorium №3 after reconstruction;

- Our development has always been facilitated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Luhansk Regional State Administration, Regional Council of People's Deputies. For which we sincerely thank them!


- A significant contribution to the development of the university was made by the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize, MD. Professor Koveshnikov Volodymyr Heorhiyovych, who headed the university for many years.


- University education is carried out at 6 faculties: medical specialty "Medical Affairs", "Pediatrics", dental, pharmaceutical, foreign citizens and postgraduate education.


- Scientific schools have been established in modern areas of medicine, which carry out important research taking into account the ecology of Donbass and the state of health of the population of Luhansk region.


- A significant contribution to the teaching and educational work was made by the staff of the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy (Prof. OP Gudzenko)


- Recognition and respect far beyond our region are teachers-clinicians: Professor Bondarev VI, Professor Kazakova SE, Professor Pepenin VR, Professor Putintsev VG, Professor Simrok VV, Professor Usatov SA, Professor Chub VV, Assoc. Abalmasov EI, docent Alyoshin RM, docent Vakhtina TI, Assoc. Lukyanov VG, Assoc. Korniets NG, Assoc. Magaletsky IF, Assoc. Mezhensky PP, Assoc. Mironenko OM and many, many more.


- Over 50 years, the university staff has defended more than 116 doctoral and 668 candidate dissertations. This allowed the university to take one of the leading positions among medical institutions in Ukraine, as the rate of teachers with scientific degrees is 87%.


- During its existence, the university has trained more than 15,000 specialists, including 950 doctors for 52 countries.


- All the above guarantees the further development of the university, its accession to the European community of universities, emphasized by the Bologna Declaration.

(Material taken from the book "50 years of Luhansk
State Medical University" by
Ivchenko VK, Vovk YM, Germanov VT