The list of settlements of Donetsk and Luhansk regions whose inhabitants have the right to use the simplified procedure of accession


  1. Online presentation "Simplified procedure for admission to universities through Educational Centers-2021 - 6 important steps":

Step-by-step instructions that will help residents of the temporarily occupied territories and the frontline zone to enter Ukrainian universities without a passport, external evaluation or a certificate of secondary education through the Educational Centers "Donbass Ukraine" and "Crimea-Ukraine".


  1. Animated video "Success story of Ivan Shevchuk, a student of Mariupol National University"

In the seventh grade, Ivan became interested in volleyball and decided to become a physical education teacher. But in 2014, the war began… And the school where Ivan studied was in a war zone. The boy lived and studied under fire, hiding in the basement. However, he did not give up his goal - he applied to the Education Center and was able to enter the university on a budget. Contact us too!


  1. Video "Thousands of children from the occupied territories have already become students of Ukrainian universities"

Since the beginning of the war, 8,225 children from the temporarily occupied territories have entered universities through the Donbass-Ukraine and Crimea-Ukraine Educational Centers under a simplified procedure. Without external evaluation, Ukrainian certificate and passport. 

Take a step towards your goal - get a Ukrainian diploma recognized around the world.


  1. Step-by-step instructions for a simplified procedure for entering universities through Educational Centers-2021 - 6 important steps:


  1. Step-by-step instructions for a simplified procedure for admission to vocational schools through Educational Centers -2021:


  1. List of Educational Centers of 2021 by regions. Select the required region and find complete information about the OC - with the sites of universities, addresses, work schedule, e-mail and contact numbers:


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