Dz "Lugansk State Medical University"

  By the decision of the Rubizhne City Council of August 31, 2016 №14 / 5 "On consent to lend part of the real estate object", the State Institution "Luhansk State Medical University" was transferred to the renovated building for students to live in it.

    Address of the hostel №1: Rubizhne, street Mira, 36.

    Commandant: Volkova Inna Mykhailivna

    The total area of ​​the five-storey dormitory is 4383.9 square meters. m ..

On the ground floor there are:

  • Women's shower for 11 people;
  • Men's shower for 11 people;
  • Hall;
  • Other office space.

The second, third, fourth and fifth floors of the dormitory are designed for 361 residents. Premises located on the floors:

  • 128 living rooms;
  • 16 kitchens;
  • 4 dryers;
  • 4 washbasins;
  • 8 toilets;
  • Place for ironing clothes;
  • Hall.


The cost of student accommodation in a dormitory does not exceed 40% of the scholarship.

Availability of dormitories in the dormitory - 130 places.

1. The cost of living in a hostel

2.  Regulations on the student dormitory, rules on the internal regulations in the dormitories of the State Medical University