Ex nihilo nihil fit"
(Nothing happens from nothing)

"It is important to remember that every pathology has its roots, so a comprehensive understanding of the topic is very important."

  On May 13, 2019, the Department of Urology, Radiology, Transfusiology and Radiation Medicine hosted a student scientific conference (section meeting of the SNT). The section was chosen in the clinical field: urology and andrology.

  The Board of the Student Scientific Society gladly joined the event.

  Students of the fourth year of 1L group presented their reports on disciplines: Danko Maryna Valeriyivna - "Prostatodynia", Tsygankova Tetyana Mykhailivna and Chyzhyk Maksym Maksymovych - "Stress urinary incontinence", Sergeeva Valeria Valeriyivna - "Peyronie's disease", Aksentienny Mark .

  Ihor Eduardovych Karasev, an assistant of the department, a urologist of the first qualification category, became the curator and inspirer of the enthusiasts.

  The students were also supported by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vitaliy Mykolayovych Komarevtsev - Head of the Department of Urology, Radiology, Transfusiology and Radiation Medicine; Frolova Inna Volodymyrivna - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences; Mudrak Anastasia Hryhorivna - assistant of the department, radiologist.

  There were also guests from the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency: Kryvoruchko Maria Yevgenivna - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences; Bibik Zhanna Vadymivna - assistant, anesthesiologist.

  Third-year students, who gained a lot of new and interesting knowledge about practical urology and andrology, also had the opportunity to hear the reports.

  After the speeches, aspects of each topic were discussed, questions were asked, comments and suggestions were given - everyone present had the opportunity to speak. In the end, there was a discussion about performances, the emotional component in interesting intimate pathologies.

  All conference participants received positive feedback from those present; showed a high level of scientific training and an unbridled desire to develop further in scientific and practical activities. Professor Komarevtsev, summing up, even boldly said: "With such specialists and scientists we have a wonderful future!".

Danko MV IV course, group 1L