The Department of Urology, Radiology, Transfusiology and Radiation Medicine is an independent medical-diagnostic structural subdivision of LSMU, which provides theoretical and practical training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, conducts medical-diagnostic and preventive work, located at the clinical bases of Rubizhne. ) and Kreminna (Kreminna CRH) in accordance with the agreement on joint activities.

  The medical work of the Department of Urology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine of the State Medical University "LDMU" is organized and carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on medical work of employees of clinical departments", approved by the Academic Council of October 26, 2017. and current legislation of Ukraine.

  The staff of the department performs educational-methodical, research, medical-consultative and operative work in urology, radiology, ultrasound diagnostics, transfusiology. Employees of the department are also the main freelance specialists of the Department of Health of the Luhansk Regional Military-Civil Administration (in urology - Professor Komarevtsev VM, in radiology - assistant Fedotova AA).

  The purpose of medical work of employees of the department is to organize theoretical and practical training of students and doctors studying at the department; introduction of best practices in public health into practical health care; creating conditions for advanced training and retraining of medical personnel; participation in providing the population with diagnostic, consultative and treatment-and-prophylactic services at a high level.

  The staff of the department performs consultative and medical work directly on the bases of the department; participates in consultations, clinical, pathological and scientific-practical conferences, which contributes to the efficiency of medical and diagnostic process and introduction into clinical practice of city and district hospitals of the latest technologies of diagnosis and treatment.

  Employees of the department became involved in the historical event for medicine of Luhansk region. For the first time, the operation of transurethral contact lithotripsy was performed outside the regional center! (see link :) Read more ...

  All employees of the department conduct consultative receptions of patients:

  • with urological, oncourological and andrological pathology, including pregnant women and children (professor Komarevtsev VM, assistant Karasev IE);
  • patients with neurological pathology (associate professor Frolova IV);
  • X-ray examinations (associate professor Frolova IV; assistants Mudrak AG, Fedotova AA, Berezhny AP);
  • Ultrasound research (associate professor Frolova IV; assistants Prokopenko TV, Fedotova AA).

Endoscopic surgery on the urinary tract is performed by a professor, MD. V.M. Komarevcev