The educational work of the Department of Family, Palliative and Military Medicine is as follows: formation of professional qualities of a modern specialist as a person, personality, conducting vocational, informational, educational, cultural and educational work among students, development of their creative and intellectual abilities, involvement in various activities by interests, participation in cultural, educational, sports and other activities.

Plan of organizational and educational work of the Department of Family, Palliative and Military Medicine for 2019-2020 g. (transition to the material)

Meeting with military medics

cover   On May 22, 2018, the university community celebrated the 4th anniversary of the liberation of Rubizhne from pro-Russian illegal military formations.

  At the invitation of the University Rector's Office, a group of servicemen led by Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Serhiyovych Ivanov arrived from 59 military mobile hospitals. (go to material)

Opening of a memorial sign in honor of the fallen military medics

cover  At the initiative of the personnel of 59 military mobile hospitals, a memorial sign was erected on the territory of the hospital in honor of the memory of military medics killed during the anti-terrorist operation. (go to material)

Military oath

cover  Contract training of students under the training program of reserve medical officers has started at Luhansk State Medical University. A group of sixth-year students worked hard during the year, mastered a number of military and military-special disciplines, conducted the practical part of training during the field training, passed the current and final exams. (go to material)

Measures in the palliative care department

cover  The leadership of the Kreminsky RTMO, Luhansk regional branch of the Ukrainian League for the Development of Palliative and Hospice Care and the Luhansk State Medical University organized a visit to the student department of the University of Palmyra . (go to material)

Military oath 2020

cover  The significant event took place on June 13, 2020. Twelve graduates of the Luhansk State Medical University completed their training in the reserve medical officers training program, successfully passed the final comprehensive exam and took the Military Oath of Allegiance to the Ukrainian people. (go to material)