Research work of students is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training at the university. This is a set of measures of scientific, methodological, organizational nature, which provides students with research skills and lays the foundations of clinical thinking.

   The Student Scientific Society (SNT) of the Department of Normal Physiology and Pathological Physiology of Luhansk State Medical University is a voluntary organization of students, which aims to enable students to be realized as a young scientist, as well as to improve the professional level of students.

   In 2015, the Student Scientific Society resumed its work at the Department of Normal Physiology and Pathological Physiology. The department heads of SNT are assistant Levchenko AV, and assistant Yefimtseva Yu.V. The general management of SNT activity is carried out by the head. Department of Medicine, Associate Professor Glazkov EO

   The student scientific circle in its activity is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the current legislation and the Charter of the university.

   The members of the circle are a wide range of university students, which is formed in the direction of scientific activity of the Department of Normal Physiology and Pathological Physiology in accordance with the approved thematic plans of the department.

The Student Scientific Society carries out its activities in the following main areas :
- involvement of students in scientific work, its popularization among a wide range of student youth;
- participation of students in departmental and all-university scientific directions and programs;
- promotion of deep mastering of theoretical knowledge and practical skills with specialties of students-members of SNT;
- providing conditions for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition for the best student research work;
- holding a traditional annual student scientific conference;
- publication of research materials in professional publications based on the results of SNT;
- cooperation with scientific and other organizations of our university and other universities of the city and the country, participation in joint projects.

The purpose of the student scientific circle is :
- assistance in raising the level of scientific training of students;
- formation of students' scientific and clinical thinking, which is important for understanding the complex physiological processes at the cellular, organ levels of the organization, the functioning of physiological systems;
- development of creative thinking, increase of internal organization, conscious attitude to training, deepening and consolidation of the knowledge received in the course of training.

The main tasks of the student scientific circle are :
- organization of research work of students;
- Involvement in experimental research of students who are interested in research work;
- teaching methods of physiological research conducted at the Department of Normal Physiology,
- the formation of the ability to independently solve scientific problems and work in harmony in scientific teams;
- ensuring the active participation of students in scientific conferences, competitions for the best scientific work, scientific seminars of the department and the university;
- in-depth study by students of the discipline of physiology and pathological physiology.