Planning of educational work is carried out by the Department of Normal Physiology and Pathological Physiology, guided by methodical recommendations "On the organization of management of educational process in higher educational institutions" (№ 1 / 11-61 from 12.01.99) and relevant legal documents and methodical recommendations.

   The purpose of the educational work of the department is to comprehensively improve the quality of professional training, national education of specialists, organic combination of educational and upbringing processes, strengthening theory with practice, formation of students' scientific worldview, medical qualities, diligence.

  Educational work is an integral part of student learning. Teachers of the department during the year constantly with students of their groups, consider the planned issues of success, discipline in groups, education of patriotism and moral qualities of man, the professionalism of the doctor.

  The staff of the department constantly carries out educational work among students during lectures, practical classes, which necessarily includes the provision of historical information about the State University "LSMU" and the department. The department has a stand which reflects the history of creation and development of the department.

  The educational work of the staff of the department is constantly carried out at lectures, practical classes, as well as reflected in the methodological development of lectures and practical classes.

  Areas of educational work of the department as a whole cover the field of education in accordance with the general pedagogical requirements: patriotic education, legal, educational and professional, labor, aesthetic, environmental and education of a healthy lifestyle. The strategic objectives of education are:

  • scientific and pedagogical support of the unity of spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological and social development of the individual;
  • raising the importance of worldview knowledge and skills in education as the core of the unity of education and training;
  • approval of the priority of national culture in educational work with the obligatory mastery of universal values;
  • methodical orientation of culture on changes, motivation and criteria of education of the person.

  Under the guidance of teachers of the department students take an active part in the social life of the department of normal physiology and pathological physiology. The main forms of such work are:

  • holding traditional events dedicated to significant events in the history of the state (Defender of the Fatherland Day, Victory Day);
  • ensuring the implementation of methodological recommendations for the use of state symbols;
  • organization and holding of events dedicated to the memory of T.G. Shevchenko, "On honoring the participants in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster";
  • holding events in the system of all-Ukrainian actions: "Anti-drug", "Anti-AIDS", "Sobriety", "Life without smoking";
  • participation in the celebration of the Day of the medical worker, New Year, etc .;
  • visiting the dormitory curators;
  • assistance in the organization of meaningful rest of students on weekends and holidays, etc.


  Teachers of the department regularly visit the student dormitory, hold conversations with students about a healthy lifestyle, culture of behavior, deontological principles. Educational classes dedicated to socially significant events are held with students.

   Questions of educational work are heard at the educational and methodical meeting of the department. At the end of the school year, each employee of the department submits a report on educational work.

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