The main purpose of educational work in higher education is the formation of a harmoniously developed, socially active, nationally conscious personality, professionally literate, creative specialist who combines high spirituality and morality, professional competence, ability to think independently and unconventionally, make decisions, quickly navigate. in difficult circumstances of public and private life.

Achieving the goal of education involves solving the following tasks:

  • providing conditions for self-realization of the student's personality in accordance with his abilities, personal and social needs and interests;
  • formation of future doctors' foundations of universal and national morality, culture of behavior, readiness to build their lives on the principles of humanism;
  • education of love for the native land, family, the people, the Motherland, formation of national consciousness, readiness for creative work for the benefit of people, feat in the name of prosperity of the state;
  • fostering respect for the Constitution, laws of Ukraine, state symbols, the formation of a deep awareness of the relationship between the ideas of freedom, human rights and civic responsibility;
  • development of aesthetic needs, feelings of students;
  • development of students' need for a healthy lifestyle, the formation of a responsible attitude to their own health as the greatest value in life;
  • education of students in a conscious attitude to their professional responsibilities as the highest value of man and society, the formation of readiness to work in a market economy, the development of business, entrepreneurship.

  The upbringing of modern youth is a constant process, which consists of many aspects, which transforms an educated person into a full-fledged personality. At the Department of Medical Chemistry there are various activities that make up the process of education and formation of professional consciousness of the future specialist. The educational process that takes place at the department is focused on the ultimate goal - to develop the desire for self-education in each student.         

  Teachers of the Department of Medical Chemistry see the connection between teaching and the educational process, so within the department lectures, discussion seminars are held, aimed at expanding the horizons of future professionals, namely events dedicated to:

Holodomor topics


Victory Day Themes "Never Again"


Themes of the Chernobyl tragedy