Since October 2006, the department has a specialized academic council D29.600.03 with the right to accept for consideration and defense of dissertations for the degree of Candidate and Doctor of Science in the specialty 14.01.32-medical biochemistry (medical, biological sciences). Chairman of the Specialized Academic Council Prof. Komarevtseva IO, Deputy Chairman Prof. Smirnov SM, Scientific Secretary Assoc. Vyshnytska IA The Council regularly defends dissertations of scientists not only from our university, but also from all over Ukraine.


  The Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 06.03.2015 № 261 approved in the State Institution "Lugansk State Medical University" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine specialized academic council D 29.600.03 with the right to accept and defend dissertations for the degree of doctor (candidate) of medical and of Biological Sciences, specialty 14.01.32 "Medical Biochemistry".

   Until September 2014, the department had a biochemical laboratory and a laboratory of cell cultures, which in December 2011 were certified by the Main Organization of the Metrological Service and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Certificate № 012/11 dated December 30, 2011). Accordingly, the research laboratory of cell cultures and biochemical research met the criteria of certification and is certified for measurements in the field of distribution of state metrological supervision in the field of health care.





  Fortunately, during the evacuation of our university in Rubizhne, our staff managed to save all electronic databases of research results of the Ministry of Health, which are financed from the state budget; results of candidate and doctoral dissertations of our employees.

   This is especially true of the study of molecular biochemical mechanisms of the influence of magnetic nanofrequencies on the migration of transplanted mesenchymal stem cells in order to monitor their traffic in the body in vivo using MR tomography.


   We met the new academic year 2015-2016 in the new educational building in Rubizhne, at the new Department of Medical Chemistry of the State Medical University "LDMU" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, with new wonderful lecture halls. 


128  Today, together with the departments of morphological profile (supervisor Prof. Smirnov SM) and with the support of the rector, Professor IV Ioffe, the laboratory of fluorescence microscopy was restored (the university purchased the same equipment that we had in Luhansk). 

   Now the university will purchase equipment for a biochemical laboratory, a cell culture laboratory, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay laboratory, and a vivarium.

   Thanks to the support of chemical enterprises in Rubezhnoye, the laboratories of the department are constantly replenished with laboratory equipment and reagents.

   The department performs high-tech research on the basis of leading universities and academic institutions of Ukraine, with which the university has concluded agreements on scientific and technical cooperation.


At the Department of Medical Chemistry on May 20, 2021. A scientific-practical conference was held, which was attended by 1st and 3rd year students:

  1. Viter Maria Olehivna 1M 2nd year - "Vitamin E"
  2. Baranova Anna Alexandrovna 1M 2nd year - "Types of cell death. Apoptosis. Necrosis".
  3. Rudik Daria Vladimirovna 11F 3rd year - "Molecular basis of the structure of the coronavirus".
  4. Strukov Yegor Sergeevich - "Gluconeogenesis".
  5. Afonina Anna Mikhailovna - "The role of lipids in the formation of atherosclerosis."
  6. Rudenko Yuliya Yuriyivna - "Phenylketonuria"

You can see more photos from the event here: Google Photo