Scientific topic of the department:

    Tissue condition under the action of exogenous and endogenous factors and ways to correct changes caused by these factors, № state registration: 0116U006014 Co-performers: VV Andrushenko, OV Khanina, TY Babkova.

   In the current year the candidate's dissertation was defended by the post-graduate student of the department Smirnov AS "Morphofunctional state of the stomach under conditions of prolonged exposure of animals to epichlorohydrin".

   This year the candidate's dissertation of the post-graduate student of the department, Mirzebasov MA continues. The topic of the dissertation is "violation of the morphofunctional state of the duodenum of animals under the conditions of inhalation of epichlorohydrin into the body". Deadline - 2018.


Publishing activity of the Department of Biology,
Histology and Embryology for 2017-2018