The Student Scientific Society (STS) of the Department of Medical Biology, Histology and Embryology is a student organization whose goal is to involve students in research, disseminate and generalize the experience of this work, improve the quality of training and education of future professionals.

   The main goals of the SNT department are to create favorable conditions for the formation of qualified professionals through research, student participation in basic and applied research, creative and personal development, education desire to deepen knowledge and professional self-improvement. Work in SNT should help to improve the quality of training, development of scientific, inventive, other creative activities and organizational activity of student youth by involving them in scientific work.

   SNT of the Department of Biology, Histology and Embryology works from 2015 - 2016 academic year under the guidance of Assoc. T. Yu. Babkova. Maxim Chizhik, a fourth-year student, heads the work of SNT. Areas of work are selected according to the educational process or research of the department "Condition of tissues under the influence of exogenous and endogenous factors and correction of disorders caused by these factors".


The main directions of work of SNT of department:

  • Creating conditions for deepening theoretical knowledge and improving practical training;
  • Motivation of students to research work;
  • Creating conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of students;
  • Identification of gifted students;
  • Formation of the personality of a researcher, a modern scientist with a broad democratic worldview;
  • Development and implementation of departmental and university research projects and programs;
  • Organization of student educational and scientific laboratories;
  • Organization of departmental scientific-practical conferences and participation in university scientific-practical conferences;
  • Publication of materials on the results of SNT work in professional publications.

Congratulations to the winners!

On April 20, 2021 at the Department of Biology, Histology and Embryology a conference was held on the results of the SNT of the department, which was attended by the most talented first- and second-year students.

All reports presented at the conference touched on topical issues of modern medicine, were meaningful and interesting.

Congratulations to the winners:

First place - Karpenko Elizaveta Pavlivna II course, group 20 lm
topic of the report: "Problems of diagnosis and prevention of helminthiasis in children."

Second place - Proidysvit Andriy Vasyliovych 2nd year, group 8 with the
topic of the report: "Ultrastructure of dentin".

ІІІ place - Tertyshna Kateryna Maksymivna ІІ course, group 11 ф,
Feneva Anastasia Serhiivna ІІ course, group 10 ф
topic of the report: “Medicinal substances of the Rozov family”.

We wish everyone success in their studies!