Educational work is carried out in accordance with the annual plans of educational work of the department and includes the following areas:

  • Organizational work

  Involvement of applicants in activities held by the department, dean's office and university.

  • National-patriotic education

  Formation of national-patriotic consciousness of applicants.

  • Public and legal education

  Creating an active position of a citizen of Ukraine in applicants. Formation of legal literacy in modern society and professional sphere.

  • Moral education

  Formation of stable moral qualities, needs, feelings, skills of behavior on the basis of assimilation of ideals, norms and principles of morality and practical activity.

  • Physical education and the formation of a healthy lifestyle

  Informing applicants on how to follow a healthy lifestyle, as well as on the sanitary and hygienic condition of the relevant rooms, conducting comprehensive measures to prevent violations of the Rules of safety and the Rules of stay in the dormitory.

  • Vocational education

  Formation of research potential of applicants. Education of moral and ethical accounting of the future pharmacist. Teachers of the department pay close attention to the practical skills of future professionals.

  • Career guidance work

Applicants of the department are actively involved in career guidance work of the university.

The plan of educational work of the department for 2021-2022 academic year