The Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the department is an organization student whose goal is to attract higher education students to research work, disseminate and generalize the experience of this work, improve the quality of training and education of future professionals.

  The main goals of the SSS of the department are to create favorable conditions for the formation of qualified professionals through research, participation of higher education in basic and applied research, creative and personal development, education desire to deepen knowledge and professional self-improvement. Work in SSS helps to improve the quality of training, development of scientific, inventive activities and organizational activity of students by involving them in scientific work. The main areas of work of the SSS of the department are:

  • Creating conditions for deepening theoretical knowledge and improving practical training;
  • Motivation of higher education students to research work;
  • Creating conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of higher education;
  • Identification of gifted applicants for higher education;
  • Development and implementation of departmental and university research projects and programs.

Work plan of the Student Society of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and pharmacognosy for 2021-2022 academic year

Report on the student conference at the Department of Pharmacy chemistry and pharmacognosy