The first teachers of the discipline of oncology to medical students were Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chief Physician of the Luhansk Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary Ilya Romanovych Lazarev and Vice-Rector for Research - Associate Professor Mykola Mykolayovych Zykov. In 1968 a course of oncology was opened as a part of the department of hospital floor surgery under the guidance of the professor, the known surgeon, the honorary citizen of the city of Lugansk - Nikolay Nikolaevich Zemskov.

  In different years, the course of oncology was headed by Dr. Yuriy Serhiyovych Silayev, Associate Professor Vasyl Mykolayovych Arbuzov, Professor Anton Voitsekhovych Zhyvetsky. Since 1990, the course has become part of the Department of Urology and Oncology. Vice-rector for scientific work, Professor Volodymyr Razumnikovich Pepenin was elected the head of the department. In September 2002, the Department of Oncology was established at Luhansk State Medical University. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Antipova Svitlana Volodymyrivna was elected the head of the department.

  Svitlana Volodymyrivna has been working at the regional oncology dispensary since 1991 as a resident doctor of the gynecology department, then as an assistant professor at the Department of Advanced Training of Physicians of the Luhansk Medical Institute. In 2001 she defended her doctoral dissertation on precancerous and endometrial cancer. In September 2008 there was a merger with the formation of the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine.

  During the existence of the department, its employees were: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kalinin OV, Ch. doctor LOKOD Chibisov LP, Chibisova IV, Somova EL, Radomsky EV, Joffe EA, Klimenko ES, Pishchikov AK, Vysochina IF, Bondareva VA, Shepilya AV; senior laboratory assistants: Filatov VA, Kalugina AV

  The educational process uses modern teaching aids: multimedia projectors, video systems and videos. In the computer class, students work with curricula and control their knowledge. All practical classes and lectures are provided with methodical manuals. Employees of the department are engaged in scientific work, focusing on the effectiveness of immunoactive drugs and enterosorption in the comprehensive treatment and medical rehabilitation of cancer patients. With the results of these studies, they spoke at international and national conferences. During the existence of the department more than 1500 scientific works were published, 8 candidate and 1 doctoral dissertation were defended.

  The most important feature of the department is its clinical focus. Its employees combine practical and teaching activities.

  Employees of the department conduct clinical conferences, consultations, rounds in the specialized departments of the dispensary, consult patients in other medical institutions, make trips to sanaviation, annually perform more than one and a half thousand operations. This organic combination of scientific and practical activities of the staff of the department and the dispensary allows to constantly improve the medical and educational processes and successfully train qualified medical personnel.