The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University was founded in 1998. The enthusiast of the faculty was the Rector, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor VG Koveshnikov. and its dean, general director of the Luhansk regional municipal production enterprise "Pharmacy", head of the department of drug technology, organization and economics of pharmacy, doctor of pharmacy, professor Gudzenko OP The first deputy dean was doctor of medical sciences. Savchenkova LV

  The first enrollment of students in the inpatient department of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1998 was 29 people. Within a short period of time, a teaching staff was formed, capable of providing full and high-quality training of specialists for the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine. In 2003, the faculty was accredited for the right to train interns, masters and organize distance learning.

  In 2003, the first graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy graduated, who were fully distributed and work in pharmacies in Luhansk, Luhansk region and Ukraine. The first issue consisted of 29 specialists, 2 of whom received diplomas with honors.

  Since the establishment of the faculty, active work has been carried out to train high-quality teaching staff. Yes, Gudzenko OP in 2004 he received the degree of Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  For its short biography, the Faculty of Pharmacy is progressively developing in all directions: the administration, dean's office and staff do everything for its prosperity, productive growth and expansion of quality staff to train highly professional professionals and harmoniously formed full-fledged individuals.