Efremova V.V.


Mamchenko Yu.V


Ryzhenko IS


Posokhova E.Yu.


Solovyova MS.

The main purpose of the Pharmaceutical Faculty in the specialty 226 "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy" is:

  • conducting integrated educational activities, which include teaching, educational, scientific, cultural, methodical work to ensure the training of pharmacists;
  • training of highly qualified pharmacists according to the degree system of education in accordance with the educational-professional curriculum of higher education in the field "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy", with state educational standards approved by the Ministries of Education and Health of Ukraine, which are competent professionally and combine high general culture, developed sense of humanism and social maturity, as provided in the qualification requirements and in the "Oath of the Pharmacist of Ukraine";
  • implementation of vocational training of students in medical boarding lyceums, preparatory courses, in medical classes of gymnasiums of cities of the region, as the implementation of a multilevel education system;
  • providing postgraduate training of pharmacists in internships at the faculty of postgraduate training and at the departments of the faculty;
  • providing conditions for undergraduates to master the system of knowledge about man, nature, society, to meet the needs of the applicant's personality in professional and moral development, the formation of social maturity, creative personality;
  • implementation of research work aimed at improving the educational process, solving health problems of the population of Ukraine, creating textbooks, tutorials for domestic and English-speaking undergraduates;
  • continuous professional development of teaching staff;
  • physical training and implementation of measures aimed at improving the health of undergraduates;
  • development of international relations of the faculty in order to achieve world standards in teaching, research, educational activities.