Preparation of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in doctoral studies

In order to complete the work on scientific research and formalize their results and / or to prepare publications for defense to obtain the degree of Doctor of Sciences, a person has the right to enter the doctorate of the SE “Luhansk State Medical University”.

1. Admission to doctoral studies or granting creative leave is carried out taking into account scientific, scientific and technical achievements in the chosen specialty in accordance with the established requirements.

  You may become a doctoral student if you have the degree of the doctor of philosophy, scientific achievements and published works in the chosen specialty (including publications in international peer-reviewed journals indexed in scientometric databases, according to the requirements for the level of scientific qualification of persons obtaining scientific degrees) and who have scientific results that need to be completed or formalized in the form of a dissertation, monograph or scientific report on a set of articles.

2. For admission to doctoral studies, the entrant at least two months before admission submits to the department a detailed proposal, which contains a plan of research work and / or information about the amount of scientific work required to prepare the results of research for defense. Within a month from the date of receipt of documents, the Department of Residency and Postgraduate Studies hears their scientific reports and by voting determines the possibility of enrolling each entrant in doctoral studies and submits conclusions to the Academic Council of the University.

  - a written testimonial of the scientific activity of the entrant, drawn up by a doctor of sciences who is a full-time scientific-pedagogical or research employee of the university, with the consent to be a scientific consultant in case of his admission to doctoral studies;

  - a copy of the diploma of the doctor of philosophy or the candidate of sciences.


Rules of admission to doctoral studies

Entrants for doctoral studies submit the following documents to the rector of the university:
- application;
- personnel record card;
- list of published scientific works and inventions;
- medical certificate of health in the form No. 086-y;
- a copy of the diploma of higher education with the indication of the received qualification of the specialist;
- detailed plan of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Sciences;
- a copy of the diploma on awarding the scientific degree of the candidate of sciences.

  Passport and diploma of higher education and award of the degree of Candidate of Sciences are submitted by entrants in person.

 Within a month from the time of receipt of documents the department listens to the scientific reports of entrants to the doctoral studies, considers detailed plans for the dissertation and by secret or open ballot determines the possibility of enrollment of each person in the doctoral studies.

 Within a month the Academic Council of the University considers the conclusions of the department on the entrant and decides on his enrollment in doctoral studies.

  The decision of the Academic Council is approved and formalized by order of the Rector of the University.



To carry out approbation of dissertation work the vice-rector for scientific work issues orders:
- about creation of the commission to check a condition of primary documentation of materials of dissertation work;
- on the appointment of reviewers for testing of the dissertation.

List of documents for approbation of the doctoral dissertation

List of the documents that the doctoral student submits to the department to report to the Ministry of Health on the completion of doctoral studies (on the completion of the dissertation)

  It is necessary to submit the following documents in paper and electronic form:
- information about the dissertation;
- dissertation;
- abstract of the candidate’s dissertation;
- conclusion of the Bioethics Commission, issued before the start of work;
- conclusion of the Bioethics Commission, issued for approbation of the dissertation;
- act of the Commissions for verification of primary documentation;
- extract on the Approval of the topic by the Academic Council of the University;
- extract on the Approval of the topic on the PKK;
- dissertation registration card approved by UkrISTEI;
- conclusion of the institution on the approbation of the dissertation;
- certificate from the specialized academic council on the acceptance of the dissertation for defense.

  List of documents that the dissertation submits to the department for the report to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science after the defense of the dissertation (within 10 days)

  It is necessary to submit the following documents in paper and electronic form:
- dissertation abstract;
- dissertation registration card approved by UkrISTEI.