The first department of pediatrics at the Voroshilovgrad Medical Institute was founded in 1959. Its head - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Andriyovych Yerenkov - a brilliant organizer, outstanding scientist, author of more than 200 scientific works and 26 monographs - united a team of like-minded people. Under his supervision, 3 doctoral and 17 candidate dissertations were completed at the department. The department paid special attention to the issues of acute rheumatic fever in children, the peculiarities of the clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of other common diseases of childhood, as well as methods of clinical examination of the child. During the years of the department's existence, the base, staff, and heads changed, but the traditions of scientific and medical work and the pedagogical process remained unchanged.

   At the same time, the number of pediatric departments gradually increased. In the 2013-2014 academic year, Luhansk State Medical University had 4 such departments: propaedeutics of pediatrics with patient care, pediatrics with pediatric infections, pediatrics with pediatric infections and pediatric surgery, pediatrics of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education. After the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Luhansk region, among the heads of departments only Professor Mamenko ME, who headed the Department of Pediatrics of Postgraduate Education, remained loyal to Ukraine, moved to Kyiv and now works as Professor of Pediatrics G2 National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupik of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

   After the evacuation of Luhansk State Medical University, the Department of Pediatrics with Pediatric Infections has been based in Rubizhne since December 2014. The department was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Voloshin OM

   Together with him, the teachers of the State Medical University "LDMU" began to resume work at the new place. Ph.D., Associate Professor Dontsova Kateryna Mykhailivna (Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Postgraduate Education) and Candidate of Medical Sciences. Ph.D., assistant Getta Elena Nikolaevna (Department of Pediatrics with Pediatric Infections and Pediatric Surgery). At the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, they were joined by Candidate of Medical Sciences. Ph.D., Associate Professor Lilia Mykhailivna Osychnyuk (Department of Pediatrics with Pediatric Infections). These employees remained loyal to their school and Ukraine.

   Lesyk Iryna Anatoliivna (pediatrician-neonatologist of the pediatric department of KU "SMBL"), Brazhnikova Tetyana Oleksandrivna (head of the intensive care unit of the perinatal center of Luhansk Regional Clinical Hospital, Severodonetsk). Training and support staff is also important in ensuring the functioning of the department: senior laboratory assistants - Savchenko II, Zinova DS, Kodatska SA; laboratory assistants - Ivanova OV, Andreeva AO, Sinko TO

   The department has educational bases in the following treatment-and-prophylactic establishments: the center of primary medical care of Rubizhne, the central city hospital of Rubizhne, the regional orphanage № 2 in Severodonetsk, the central district hospital of Kreminna, the city children's hospital in .Severodonetsk. Classrooms are equipped with the necessary furniture. The educational process is carried out with the use of cathedral computers, a multimedia projector and office equipment.

   Teachers of the department teach both domestic and foreign students, who are taught in English.

   The disciplines taught at the department are as follows: care for patients in pediatrics (second year), propaedeutics of pediatrics (third year), pediatrics (fourth year), pediatrics with pediatric infectious diseases (fifth, sixth year), pediatrics with pediatric infections diseases and tuberculosis (VI year), industrial practice for students of III-V courses. The department also trains undergraduates and clinical residents in "Pediatrics" and "Neonatology", interns in "Pediatrics", "Neonatology", "General Practice - Family Medicine" and "Obstetrics and Gynecology", improve their skills doctors practical health care in thematic improvement courses, pre-certification cycles and internships.

   During the existence of the department on the new base the complete updating of its documentation was carried out, new bases of educational tasks, tests, tasks for modular controls were created, the cathedral scientific work and dissertations were started. Employees of the department perform a significant amount of medical work in treatment and prevention facilities m.m. Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Kreminna, as well as take an active part in general university celebrations.

   Promising areas of development of the department in the near future:
- Expansion of the teaching staff.
- Training of teachers who can carry out the educational process in English.
- Execution of dissertation works and initiative cathedral work.
- Establishment of a telemedicine center to improve the quality of diagnostic and medical care for children in Luhansk region.
- Preparation of methodical (practical) manuals for senior students and doctors with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science or the Ministry of Health.