As the most important administrative structure, immediately after the founding of the Luhansk Medical Institute, a dean's office was organized. This happened in September 1956, when the first and second year students were already being recruited.

  Until January 1958, the duties of the dean were performed by Oleksiy Adolfovych Sumarokov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant of the Department of Microbiology. This legal form of appointment of a person acting as dean was conditioned by the existing Regulations of the Higher School of the country, which established the official position of dean of the faculty if there are at least a thousand students at the faculty.

  On March 23, 1959, Iryna Yosypivna Tchaikovska, Dean of the Medical Faculty, was elected and appointed by the Academic Council of the Institute. She is an associate professor and head of the Department of Human Anatomy. Deputy Deans in this period were Associate Professor of Normal Physiology Redko NI and Associate Professor of Social Hygiene VI Sanik

  In the spring of 1965, the party organization of the institute elected Professor I.Y. Tchaikovsky as its secretary. The new dean was elected Head of the Department of Faculty Surgery, MD. Professor Dmytro Karpovych Grechyshkin, who held this position until 1968. His deputies were the head of the department of microbiology and epidemiology, associate professor Shkapo Leonid Omelyanovich and associate professor of the department of normal anatomy Vinichenko Galina Sergeevna. In January 1967, Professor Tchaikovsky I.Y. became the rector of the institute, and professor Grechishkin DK was appointed Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

  In February 1969, the Academic Council of the Institute elected Leonid Omelyanovich Shkapo, Head of the Department of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Head of the Department, who headed the Dean's Office until June 1977.

  In June 1977, Volodymyr Andriyovych Bondar, Head of the Department of General Surgery, was elected Dean. He worked as Dean until he was appointed Secretary of the Institute's Party Committee (1980). The deputies of the dean in this period were associate professor Shcherbak NA, associate professor Safonov YP, associate professor Chernov EV (the third position of the deputy dean was introduced).

  In March 1980, Chernov Yevhen Volodymyrovych Chernov, an associate professor of the Department of Anesthesiology, had been elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

  On June 28, 1984, the Academic Council of the Institute re-elected the Dean of the Faculty, Head of the Department of Microbiology, Associate Professor Shkapo LO, and his deputies were Associate Professor Akimova ZI , associate professor Smirnov SN (I - II courses), associate professor Vinichenko MS, associate professor Vovk YM, associate professor Shanko VM (III - IV courses), associate professor Yavtushenko VF, associate professor Ivchenko VK (senior courses). Everyone worked with a sense of great responsibility, honestly and fruitfully. The dean's office existed in this composition until December 1991.

  In December 1991, Vasyl Stepanovych Pikalyuk was elected Dean of the Medical Faculty. He held this position until February 1994. These years marked the beginning of serious work for students studying under contracts who entered the institute not only from foreign countries but also from Ukraine. Later, Vasyl Stepanovych became vice-rector.

  From February 1994 to January 1996, Professor Valery Ivchenko worked as the Dean of the Medical Faculty.

  In the period from January 3, 1996 to January 19, 2001, Professor Oleksiy Shvets held the position of Dean. These years were marked by a reduction in the enrollment of students at the request of the state and a significant increase in the number of students studying on a contract basis.