The Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy was founded in late 1956. The first head was associate professor Moskalenko Pavlo Ivanovych. From 1958 to 1963 the department was headed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Andriy Mykytovych Babych, who took an active part in equipping the premises of the department. In 1964, acting head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor DK Grechishkin, and then Associate Professor RP Tasits were temporarily acting. From 1965 to 1990 the department was headed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Bekov Dmitry Borisovich (graduate of the Military Medical Academy of St. Petersburg), who did much for the development of the department, its material and technical base, created a scientific school and prepared the first doctors and candidates of sciences. Professor Bekov DB is the author of significant works on the morphology of arteries and veins of the cerebrum, 2 outstanding atlases, monographs on individual anatomical variability.

  Professor Bekov DB - the only winner in the history of the university All-Union Prize. Academician VP Sparrow. Under his leadership, one doctor of sciences (Vovk YM, 1991) and 6 candidates of science were trained (Tkachenko DO, 1972; Budakov VS, 1975; Vovk YM, 1977; Vinogradov OA , 1982; Dyachenko OP, 1991; Aronov EG, 1995 (together with professor Vovk YM)

  For many years the main direction of scientific work of the department is the study of the vascular system of the brain and its membranes with the development of new reconstructive and plastic operations on them.

  For all years of existence of department 6 doctors of sciences (professors), 22 candidates of medical sciences (10 associate professors) are prepared, 11 monographs, more than 1000 articles, more than 300 theses are published. Employees of the department are the authors of more than 100 inventions and more than 200 innovation proposals.

  The main achievements of the department over the years of existence: the publication of fundamental monographs on the arteries and veins of the brain of Professor Bekov DB and his award named after Academician Vorobyov. The morphological features of age and individual anatomical variability of the sinuses of the dura mater of the brain have been studied and new methods of their reconstruction and plastics have been developed, which have world novelty. Only for the last 5 years one doctoral and 5 candidate dissertations have been completed and successfully defended. Over these years, more than 100 patents have been obtained. Published 8 monographs, 6 manuals, including a manual in English.