1. An application addressed to the head of the specialized academic council with a request to accept the dissertation for consideration, in which it is necessary to indicate whether this dissertation is defended for the first time (1 copy).

2. Application-characteristic of the head of the relevant state body, if the doctoral candidate holds a position of a public servant.

3. A copy of the first page of the candidate’s passport (2 copies) certified by the seal of the institution at the main place of work or study.

4. Personnel registration card with information valid at the time of submission of the dissertation for consideration, certified by the Human Resources Office at the main place of work, with a photograph certified by the seal of the institution (2 copies).

5. Notarized copy of the diploma of complete higher education. If the document on higher education is issued by an educational institution of a foreign state, then the following notarized documents are additionally submitted: translation of the document into Ukrainian, a copy of the certificate of recognition of a foreign document on education issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In case of change of the surname by the candidate, a notarized copy of the document on change of the surname is attached. These documents are submitted in 2 copies.

6. Certified by signatures and seal of the institution certificate of candidate exams in the form approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 1, 1999 No. 309 “On approval of the Regulations on training of scientific and pedagogical and scientific staff” (for candidates for the degree of candidate of sciences), or certified by the signature and seal of the institution certificate in the form being in force at the time of the last candidate exam (2 copies).

7. A duly certified copy of the order of enrollment in graduate school (for a candidate of scientific degree, who studied in graduate school).

8. Conclusion of the institution in which the dissertation was performed and the institution to which the candidate was attached (2 copies). The conclusion is made as an extract from the minutes of the department (interdepartmental seminar, laboratory, department), signed by the head of the department (head of the seminar, laboratory, department), usually a doctor of sciences, approved by the head of the institution and sealed. In conclusion, along with other aspects of the dissertation characteristics and the candidate’s personality, it should be indicated by whom and when the dissertation topic was approved, the specific personal contribution of the candidate to all scientific papers published with co-authors. The conclusion should contain information on the bioethical examination of dissertation research (for candidates for degrees in medical, biological and veterinary sciences).
The conclusion is valid for 1 year from the date of its approval until the submission of the dissertation for consideration in a specialized academic council.

9. Review of the supervisor, certified by the seal of the institution in which he works.

10. The dissertation, drawn up in accordance with the requirements set forth in the “Basic requirements for dissertations and abstracts of dissertations”, in the number of copies required for transfer to the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine, to the library of the institution, where a specialized scientific council was established, for sending to opponents.
a. The number of copies of the dissertation is determined by the need to submit one copy to the university library, opponents and for the SAC of Ukraine. All copies of the dissertation must be identical in content. When using copying equipment, the identity of the copies is certified by a specialized scientific council.
b. Only the first copy of the dissertation is assigned to be sent to the SAC of Ukraine. The appendices to the first copy of the dissertation include the originals of the implementing acts or copies certified by the seal.

11. Abstract of the dissertation, prepared in accordance with the requirements set forth in section 5 of “Basic requirements for dissertations and abstracts of dissertations”, in 2 copies. All copies of the abstract are signed by the author on the cover (form 6).

12. Monographs, brochures, descriptions of copyright certificates (copies), articles (prints or copies), texts of manuscripts of scientific works deposited and annotated in journals, abstracts of reports (copies) listed in the abstract are submitted in 1 copy. In case of submission of copies of scientific works the exact and full initial data of the corresponding editions should be specified on them. Copies of scientific papers are submitted in paper and certified by the signature of the Academic Secretary and the seal of the institution.

13. File with the text of the abstract. File name aref.rtf (2 copies on 2 diskettes).

14. Files with the text of the dissertation on diskettes for transfer to the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information. File names dis1.rtf, dis2.rtf, (1 set of diskettes, the number of which depends on the volume of the dissertation).

15. Four postcards with stamps and addresses of the candidate (2 cards) and special councils (2 cards). Write the name, patronymic of the candidate, the field of science and the degree for which he applies on the back of the postcards in the upper corner.

For candidates for the degree of Doctor of Sciences

16. Abstract of the candidate’s dissertation defended by the candidate.

17. A copy of the defended candidate’s dissertation.

In the documents of a foreign citizen, his full name must be given in the order in which they are recorded in the foreign passport.