Head of the Student Scientific Society
named after VG Koveshnikov State University "LSMU", 
Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

  The VG Koveshnikov Student Scientific Society of Luhansk State Medical University (hereinafter referred to as LSMU) is created for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge, organizational and research work. Students actively participate in group meetings, scientific and practical conferences, workshops, trainings to improve understanding of the medical profession.

  The Student Scientific Society is an independent structural subdivision of LDMU, operates in accordance with the Constitution and Legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of LDMU and the current Regulations, operates without state registration and acquisition of legal entity rights.

Chairman of the Student Scientific Society
named after VG Koveshnikova State University "LDMU",
VI year student of group 1L
  • promoting the quality of student training and research, improving the theoretical level of knowledge;
  • improving the quality of professional training of young professionals;
  • creating conditions for the formation of creative activity;
  • assistance to students in independent scientific research and organizational support of their scientific work;
  • formation and support of the information database of scientific researches and developments of students;
  • coordination of activity of divisions of DZ "LDMU" in the field of the organization of scientific researches of students, use of their results, carrying out of student scientific conferences, scientific business trips, etc .;
  • timely informing students about planned scientific conferences, competitions, exhibitions, etc. and opportunities to participate in them;
  • establishment and development of contacts with the Councils of SNT of other free economic zones, research institutions of Ukraine and abroad;
  • coverage of SNT activity in mass media and the Internet.

  The university has 17 permanent research groups and more than 150 students. All scientific circles can be divided into the following areas: obstetrics and gynecology, hygiene and ecology, pediatrics, psychiatry and medical psychology, social medicine, social sciences, dentistry, therapy, pharmacy and pharmacology, basic medicine, surgery.

1. In December 2020 - March 2021, the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Student Youth holds the XX All-Ukrainian Championship in Information Technology "Ecosoft-2021" (hereinafter - the Championship). The National stage of the International competition of computer projects "INFOMATRIX-2021" will take place as a part of the Championship. Pupils (pupils) of general secondary, out-of-school, vocational education institutions, students and post-graduate students of higher education institutions and young developers of computer systems are invited to participate in the event. Details on participation in the competition can be found on the website https://nenc.gov.ua.

2. Welcome to the II Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Internet conference with international participation
CURRENT SITUATION AND PROSPECTS natural sciences in medical education
March 19, 2021
directions of the conference:
1. Theoretical, methodological and psycho-pedagogical aspects of teaching natural sciences in schools higher education.
2. Innovations in medicine based on the achievements of natural sciences.
3. Application of information and communication, computer technologies and teaching aids in institutions of higher medical education.
Working languages ​​of the conference
Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian