Acquiring the profession of a pharmacist and realizing the importance of the responsibilities assigned to me in the presence of my teachers and colleagues

I solemnly swear:

  • honestly serve the health of the people of Ukraine;
  • strictly adhere to the principles of universal morality in life and professional activity;
  • to protect human life and health, to release high-quality medicines, to treat people attentively, patiently, carefully;
  • worthily continue the noble traditions of world pharmacy, constantly deepen and improve their knowledge, use the best practices of pharmaceutical science and practice;
  • hold high the authority of yourself and colleagues;
  • adhere to the rules of pharmaceutical ethics, be polite and principled in their actions;
  • work in close contact with doctors, remember that the doctor and the pharmacist serve one humane purpose - to restore the patient's health;
  • to affirm the high ideals of mercy, love, harmony and mutual assistance between people.

I swear allegiance to this Oath throughout my life.