Having acquired the profession of a doctor and realizing the importance of the responsibilities assigned to me in the presence of my teachers and colleagues

I solemnly swear:

  • all knowledge, strength and ability to devote to the protection and improvement of human health, treatment and prevention of diseases, to provide medical care to all who need it;
  • to be invariably guided in their actions and thoughts by the principles of universal morality, to be selfless and sensitive to patients, to admit their mistakes, to continue the noble traditions of world medicine with dignity;
  • keep medical secrets, do not use it to the detriment of humans;
  • follow the rules of professional ethics, do not hide the truth, if it does not harm the patient;
  • constantly deepen and improve their knowledge and skills, if necessary, seek help from colleagues and never deny them this, be fair to colleagues;
  • by their own example to promote the education of a physically and morally healthy generation, to affirm the high ideals of mercy, love, harmony and mutual respect between people.

I swear allegiance to this Oath throughout my life.