Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of LSMU, 
Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

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  The Council of Young Scientists of Luhansk State Medical University (hereinafter - LSMU) was established to fully promote research, inventive and creative activities of graduate students, students and young scientists, providing a systematic approach to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of the highest qualification. , preservation and development of the intellectual potential of the university.

  In its activities, the Council of Young Scientists of LSMU is guided by the Decree of the President of Ukraine №315 "On Additional Measures to Support Young Scientists", Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity", "On Innovation", Resolutions and Orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Regulations on the Ministry of Education and Science, the Statute of LSMU, the Regulation on the Council of Young Scientists of LSMU and other regulations governing educational and scientific activities in Ukraine.

  The Council of Young Scientists is a permanent body of self-government, designed to promote professional development, accumulation of experience, creative growth, maximum use of the scientific potential of the youth of LSMU.

1. We invite you to participate in conferences that will be held at Ternopil National Medical University named after I.Ya. Gorbachev Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Conferences are also posted on the university website at: https://conference.tdmu.edu.ua/index.php/index/index/index/index