responsible for the head of the department,
Scientific degree - Doctor of Medicine,
Academic title - Professor


93012, Rubizhne, street Budivelnykiv, 32


   The department of doctoral, postgraduate, master's and clinical residency is a structural scientific and pedagogical subdivision of the university, the activity of which, in accordance with the "Regulations" is aimed at organizing, planning and managing the training of postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral students; monitoring the effectiveness of training, accounting and reporting on the training of scientific and pedagogical staff.

  Tasks of the department of doctoral, postgraduate, master's and clinical residency:

  • drawing up a plan for training scientific and pedagogical staff through postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, master's programs on the basis of the needs of departments;
  • preparation of an annual report "training of scientific and pedagogical staff (indicators of economic and social development of Ukraine)";
  • organization and control of competitions for entrance exams to graduate school, master's degree, clinical residency;
  • preparation of documents to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: materials on admission, enrollment and deduction from graduate school, residency and master's degree;
  • control over the preparation of individual training plans and the progress of their implementation;
  • organization and control of mandatory cycles for graduate students, undergraduates, clinical residents;
  • organization and holding of annual certification of clinical residents and graduate students;
  • preparation of materials for the Ministry of Health on the personal distribution and release of clinical residents;
  • preparation of annual reports of the academy (section on training through postgraduate, doctoral, clinical residency) to the Ministry of Health, the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Health and the City Statistical Office of Kyiv;
  • organization and holding of candidate exams in philosophy, foreign languages, specialties and issuance of relevant certificates for the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine;
  • conducting personal files and preparing orders for the movement of the contingent of graduate students, clinical residents, undergraduates and doctoral students.