Head of the Department
Ph.D., Associate Professor

  The metrological service of the university ensures the unity of measurements in the performance of research and dissertation works, measurements in the medical and educational process, and timely metrological verification of measuring instruments of the university, as well as carries out constant control and supervision of measuring works.


The main tasks and activities of the metrology department:

- metrological support of research and educational process at the university;
- conducting metrological examination of research and development work at all stages of their implementation;
- organization and carrying out of the works necessary for maintenance of unity and necessary accuracy of measurements, increase of level of metrological maintenance according to the approved regulations in the field of metrology and metrological activity;
- determination of the optimal nomenclature of measuring equipment and their further implementation in order to ensure the efficiency of measurements;
- providing advisory and practical assistance on the preparation of research diagnostic laboratories for state certification;
- organization in the prescribed manner of timely and high-quality repair and maintenance of measuring equipment;
- creation of a regulatory framework in order to provide existing standards and other regulations in the field of metrology, which are necessary for research and design of reporting materials;
- organization of control over compliance with current standards and other regulations in the field of metrology in all departments of the university;
- metrological support of the university by selecting, using and maintaining in the operation of metrological characteristics of measuring equipment, organization in the prescribed manner of their state metrological certification, verification, as well as control over their technical condition at workplaces (at the place of application);
- consultations and substantiation of recommendations on equipping scientific and educational structural subdivisions with measuring equipment;
- development of proposals for equipping scientific structures with measuring equipment and replacement of outdated models, based on the tasks performed by the scientific structures of the university;
- implementation of comprehensive measures for the preparation and conduct of metrological certification of purchased imported measuring equipment in organizations that are authorized to do so;
- interaction with scientific metrological organizations and territorial bodies of Derzhspozhyvstandart of Ukraine on metrological support, assistance to the bodies of the State Standard of Ukraine during the implementation of the State metrological supervision;
- compliance with the instructions of the bodies of Derzhspozhyvstandart of Ukraine to eliminate the shortcomings identified during the inspections;
- planning and participation in the training and retraining of personnel in the field of metrology;
- participation in work on international cooperation in the field of metrology and metrological activities;
- organization of work to increase the effectiveness of metrological support measures in the field of occupational safety;
- introduction of modern methods and means of measuring equipment, automated control and measuring equipment, measuring and information systems, as well as standard samples of the composition and properties of substances and materials;
- introduction of state standards and other normative documents regulating metrological norms and rules;
- participation in the work of the commissions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on attestation of medical institutions and clinical diagnostic laboratories;
- keeping records of measuring equipment, analysis of their technical condition and the feasibility of their use in scientific and educational activities;
- control and analysis of the correct use and storage of measuring equipment in the departments of the university;
- concluding agreements on technical supervision, maintenance, repair, state certification and verification of measuring equipment with enterprises and organizations that are authorized to do so;
- reporting on the activities of the metrology service of the university.

The main functions of the metrology department:

1. Metrological and standardization support of dissertation research of doctoral students, graduate students and researchers:
- at the stage of planning dissertation works;
- at the stages of annual reports of dissertations;
- at the stages of preliminary and official defense of dissertations.
2. Metrological examination and norm control of intermediate and final reports on research works and manuscripts of dissertations.
3. Carrying out of organizational and technical measures for improvement of means and methods of measurement, operation of means of measuring equipment.
4. Organization of planned measures for the implementation of state and departmental standards and regulations in the departments of the university, which regulate the norms of accuracy, methods and means of measurement, the use of measuring equipment.
5. Organization of works on timely repair and conclusion of agreements on technical supervision, repair and verification of measuring equipment with organizations that have the right to do so.
6. Ensuring control over the equipment of scientific and production activities with all the necessary means of measuring equipment and compliance of their application with the requirements of regulatory documentation in all departments of the university.
7. Control over the staffing of the information fund of standards, storage and verification in the prescribed manner of working standards and exemplary measuring equipment.
8. Organization of advanced training of employees of the service and persons who use measuring equipment.
9. Timely submission of reports to the basic organization of standardization and metrology.
10. Participation in the commission for writing off morally and technically obsolete models of measuring equipment.