Head of the department
academic title - associate professor

  The Department of Scientific and Medical Information of Luhansk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, hereinafter referred to as VNMI, is the scientific structure of LugSMU. It functions as an independent unit of the institution and reports to the Vice-Rector for Research.

  The activities of VNMI contribute to the creation of the information environment of the institution as part of a single information field of the industry, which optimally meets the objectives of research (educational process), implementation of current and long-term plans of LugSMU, improving professional knowledge and scientific information training.



The main tasks of the department of scientific and medical information

1. VNMI heads the scientific and information activities in the institution; forms scientific and information resources and organizes their effective use, first of all, in the process of scientific and informational support of research, dissertation works and educational process of the institution.

2. VNMI carries out research work on the problems of scientific medical information.

3. VNMI carries out organizational and methodical work related to the use of scientific and information resources, means of scientific communication, implementation of innovative measures, mastering of new scientific and information technologies and increasing the scientific and informational competence of the institution's specialists.

4. The department conducts work on scientific medical information in combination with other departments of the institution according to the plan of the institution. The scope of work is determined in accordance with the staff list of the department.

The main functions of the department of scientific and medical information

1. VNMI participates in the formation of the main directions of scientific policy of the institution and the search for forms and methods of its implementation.
* If the structure of VNMI includes other services of the institution, the main tasks and functions of VNMI are supplemented by their tasks.

2. VNMI carries out work on formation of scientific and information resources in establishment. Together with the scientific library creates the reference and information fund of the institution, its reference apparatus and organizes the primary accounting of scientific and information activities in accordance with the requirements of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.

3. Organizes scientific and informational support of research, dissertation works at the stages of planning, implementation and completion. Helps to increase the efficiency of the use of scientific and information resources of the institution in the practical network of health care.

4. Provides patent information work as part of research processes in accordance with scientific and dissertation topics of the State University "LugSMU": provides tasks for patent information research, search regulations, approves the search certificate, report. Provides control and organizational and methodological guidance on patent information research of dissertations and research of the university.

5. Provides advice on the creation and protection of intellectual property (inventions, utility models, proposals, computer programs, etc.);

6. Carries out research work on problems of scientific medical information and information support of profile researches.

7. Facilitates the search and dissemination of innovations, prepares generalized materials on the formation of the sectoral Register of innovations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine based on the analysis of the search results of the institution.

8. Together with the research teams of the institution prepares a generalized annual report on the most important domestic and foreign achievements in medicine and health care.

9. Organizes the exchange of scientific and information materials between regional and other relevant scientific institutions.

10. Annually analyzes the scientific information activities in the institution and submits such information to the Ukrainian Center for Scientific Medical Information and Patent and License Work of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

11. Controls the preparation and submission of reporting and information materials (registration and information cards) from the GDR to the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information.

12. Provides methodological assistance in the organization of scientific and information activities of specialized institutions of the practical health care network.

13. Develops or participates in the preparation of methodological documents on NMI.

14. Classifies the scientific products of the institution.

15. Participates in the organization and holding of scientific forums, thematic exhibitions, events to improve the skills of specialists of the institution, workshops on science and medicine.

16. Participates in the implementation of innovative processes in the institution, preparation of information thematic selections and analytical reviews on individual problems of medicine.

17. Establishes indexation (UDC) of articles, names of dissertation topics and subjects of search for them.

18. Draws up the Registration Cards (according to the algorithm of the program NDDKR09) of dissertations and research and sends them to UkrINTI.

19. Improves and creates new scientific and information technologies, in particular with the use of computer equipment, in order to increase the efficiency of the use of scientific and information resources of the institution and other scientific and information centers