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Office cleaner;
Territory cleaner;
Wardrobe, castellan;
The worker on complex service and repair of houses;
Senior contractor.


The main tasks of the service personnel department:

1. Development and improvement of the material and technical base of the university in the amount of funds and allocations allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers.
2. Carrying out of system of the necessary actions directed on economic maintenance of educational process, educational and laboratory and office premises by economic stock and storage of their operational qualities in the established standard terms.
3. Organization of technically competent operation of all buildings that are on the balance of the university - buildings, engineering systems and equipment, timely system repairs for long-term operational storage, fire safety and safe working conditions.
4. Economic support of life, rest of students, graduate students and staff, the creation of the necessary conditions for continuous operation of educational buildings, dormitories, gym.
5. Maintenance in educational buildings, dormitories of a reliable bypass and passport regime, fulfillment of the daily routine, sanitary condition of premises and adjacent territories, ensuring economical consumption of fuel, energy and material resources.
6. Selection, placement of personnel of structural subdivisions that are part of the department of service personnel, mobilization of the staff of the department of service personnel for timely and high-quality performance of tasks.
7. Economic support of the educational process, maintenance in proper condition and sanitary and hygienic order of all educational and laboratory, office and domestic premises in educational buildings, as well as in the territory assigned to the university.
8. Development of annual long-term plans for the development and improvement of the material and technical base of the university, annual plans for planned and preventive repairs of buildings, structures, engineering systems and equipment.
9. Timely repair of all types of buildings, structures, engineering systems and equipment, timely elimination of the consequences of accidents in accordance with the plans-schedules approved by the Rector's Office.
10. Timely preparation of all university facilities for the new academic year, to work in the winter.
11. Carrying out constant control over observance of staff discipline, control over preservation and proper use of fuel and energy resources, furniture, economic, cultural and household inventory, construction materials, equipment and mechanisms, reliable write-off of material values, withholding of material losses from perpetrators.
12. Formation of normal working conditions, fire safety, improvement of protection of all objects of university.


Handbook of the service personnel department

  1. Report on the compliance of the state of administrative buildings and dormitories to the educational process for 2018
  2. Report on the provision of material and technical base of the university
  3. Report on the work of the department in 2019