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  • Registration of reception, transfer and dismissal of workers of all categories.
  • Conducting personal affairs of pedagogical and scientific workers and other employees.
  • Compilation of statistical reports on personnel.
  • Keeping employment records and their accounting.
  • Execution of documents for pensions for teachers and staff of the university.
  • Registration of sick leaves.
  • Issuance of certificates at the place of request to all university staff.
  • Execution of orders.
  • Timely identification of specialists and pedagogical workers subject to advanced training and re-certification.
  • Preparation of necessary materials for qualification, attestation and competition commissions.

1. Regulations on the personnel department

2. The procedure for holding a competition to fill vacant positions of research and teaching staff in the State Medical University

3. Documents of the competition

4. Bypass letter

5. List of documents required for employment

6. List of documents required for employment on an hourly basis

7. Form of contract with research and teaching staff of the university

8. Letter of acceptance

9. Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

10. Card of the employee subject to preliminary (periodic) medical examination (Appendix 7)

11. Regulations on professional development of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers

12. Rules of military accounting of conscripts and conscripts

13. Regulations on the procedure for hiring an employee, his transfer, transfer and dismissal

14. Regulations on leave

15. Regulations on business trips with appendices

16. Contract to eliminate deficiencies

17. Regulations on job descriptions

18. Regulations on the procedure for organizing remote work in the LSMU for the period of quarantine

19. Sample applications

20. Licensing conditions for educational activities