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The main functions of the planning and economic department:

1. Calculations of planned indicators in the areas of use of budget funds for the maintenance of the university on the basis of analysis of income in terms of sources of income and expenditure by type of activity.

2. Preparation of documents for calculations of planned indicators, budget inquiries.

3. Drafting estimates of revenues and expenditures for general and special funds in terms of budget programs, approval of annual estimates in the Ministry of Education and Science.

4. Preparation of economically justified calculations of the cost of paid services that can be provided by the university in accordance with the law.

5. Participation in the preparation of quarterly and monthly financial statements with the implementation of the university budget, on wages, quantitative and qualitative composition of employees.

6. Preparation of calculations to determine the number of rates of scientific and pedagogical staff to provide them to the Ministry of Education and Science.

7. Compilation of staff lists and changes to them.

8. Approval of applications for employment in accordance with the staff list in terms of establishing payment and compliance with vacancies.

9. Preparation of orders on the main activities of the university in the case of a legally justified increase in wages.

10. Compilation of state statistical reporting in the manner prescribed by the legislation on operations for the payment of wages.

11. Study of possible risks in conducting financial and economic activities, providing the relevant structural units of the university with information for making informed management decisions.

12. Elimination of violations and shortcomings identified during control measures carried out by state bodies authorized to monitor compliance with budget legislation.


Regulations on the procedure for providing paid educational and other services provided by LSMU

List of paid services