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  The Office for Work with Foreign Citizens is a structural subdivision of State Establishment “Luhansk State Medical University”. It reports directly to the Rector and is engaged in the admission and registration of foreigners and stateless persons, as well as accompanies foreign students throughout their studies.

Functions of the Office for work with foreign citizens:

  • Career guidance work among foreign citizens;
  • Work with foreign citizens during the entire period from enrollment or renewal to expulsion from the University;
  • Control over the legalization of foreign documents on the education of foreign students;
  • Implementation of the necessary measures to align the legalization of newly arrived foreign citizens, their stay during their studies in Ukraine, in accordance with the requirements of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.
  • Monitoring the current and academic performance of foreign students;
  • Methodical, passport and visa support and assistance to the admissions committee in organizing the admission of foreign citizens to study according to academic curricula;
  • Accounting for the movement of foreign students (students of the preparatory department);
  • Graduation of specialists;
  • Maintaining relations with graduates of the University from among foreign citizens.

Staff of the Department foreign students

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