specialist of the 1st category
on Civil Defense issues


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  Forecasting of possible emergencies at the university facilities, determination based on the forecast of the need for forces and means necessary to prevent emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

  The development of the university in a direction that eliminates (significantly reduces) the possibility of emergencies. Analytical processing of information about possible emergencies in the region.

  Implementation of laws and regulations, compliance with norms and standards in the field of civil protection.

  Development of plans for the implementation of precautionary measures and rapid response in the field of civil protection. Implementation of scientific and technical programs aimed at preventing emergencies, reducing the risk of their occurrence.

  Creation, preservation and rational use of material resources to prevent emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

  Notification of university staff and students about the threat or occurrence of emergencies. Constant and reliable information about the current situation, civil protection measures.

  Organization of protection of employees, students and objects of the university, comprehensive assistance to victims of emergencies.

  Planning and conducting emergency rescue and other urgent work to eliminate emergencies. Organization of comprehensive support for civil protection measures. Planning and implementation of evacuation measures.

  Ensuring the readiness of the governing bodies, forces and means of civil protection of the university to respond to emergencies that are possible at the university facilities. Organization of interaction with governing bodies and civil defense forces of territorial subordination.

  Training of employees and students of the university in the methods of protection in emergency situations.

  Creation of systems of analysis and forecasting, notification and communication, monitoring and control of radioactive contamination, chemical contamination, keeping them in constant readiness for action in emergency situations.

  Training and retraining of management, superiors, civil defense specialists. Training of personnel in the ability to use personal protective equipment.

  Providing employees and students with personal protective equipment, personnel of civil defense formations in accordance with the norms of equipment. Preparation of means of collective protection.


1.  Order on the establishment of an evacuation commission

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