The learning process in any university is inextricably linked with science, where student science is given a special place of honor. Research work of students is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training in higher education.

  The student scientific circle at the Department of Dentistry was established in 2017. The assistant of the department Pompiya OO was appointed the head of the circle. The purpose of the group is to involve talented young people in research in the fields of surgical, orthopedic, therapeutic, pediatric dentistry, as well as to practice the acquired practical skills and curation of patients.

   On April 16, 2018 at the clinical base of the Department of Dentistry in Rubizhne, the final meeting of the scientific circle of the department took place. The meeting was opened by the head of the scientific circle of the department, assistant of the department of dentistry Pompiy Oleksandr Oleksandrovych.

   The leader presented the achievements of the members of the circle for the reporting period. In particular, scientific seminars, round tables and participation in conferences were discussed. Confirmation of productive work was the victory of 3rd year medical student of group 11c Reshetnikova Sofia Olehivna in the scientific medical congress of students and young scientists "Medicine of the XXI century", which took place on the basis of Donetsk National Medical University in Kramatorsk.

   For the first time, since the relocation of LDMU from the temporarily occupied territory, the works of students majoring in 221 "Dentistry" were published in the materials of the 80th Medical Congress of Young Scientists. The works were carried out by 3rd year medical students Danylenko LP and Reshetnikova SO under the guidance of assistants of the Department of Dentistry Pompiy OO and Pompiy ES.

   Traditionally, members of the circle took part in the All-Ukrainian Dental Olympiad, which took place in Poltava on the basis of the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. During the reporting period, 14 meetings of the scientific circle of the department were held. Due to the improvement of the material and technical condition of the Department of Dentistry, it became possible to conduct not only theoretical and laboratory but also clinical work by members of the circle.

   In March 2018, the "First Scientific Student Dental Conference" was held in Rubizhne. The winner was a third-year student of the Medical Faculty Danilenko Lilia Pavlovna with a report on the topic: "Comparative characteristics of methods for removing fragments of endodontic instruments from the root canals." In total, the conference heard five scientific reports on various areas of dentistry and required detailed study.

   At the end of the meeting the scientific works of the students of the 5th year of study were heard. Participants of the scientific circle of the department made meaningful and topical reports on the problems of modern dentistry. In particular, most attention was paid to the diagnosis and treatment of complicated caries and periodontal disease.

   The jury consisted of: c. at. Head of the Department of Dentistry Patalakha Olena Valeriyivna and Assistant of the Department of Dentistry Prokopenko Mykhailo Fedorovych.

   The best reports were: the work of 5th year student Shtepa RS on "Aspects of orthopedic treatment of TMJ diseases", the work of 5th year student Soroka IS on "Methods for determining the caries resistance of enamel" and the work of 5th year student Litvinenko OG . on the topic "Determination of the most common means for individual oral hygiene in the Luhansk region."

   Employees of the Department of Dentistry noted the progressive work of the student scientific circle in the reporting period and wished its participants and management rapid development and success in scientific work.

Classes with a resuscitator 

  Today, there is a widespread opinion among doctors of related specialties in our region that dentists are representatives of a purely cosmetic profession. Unfortunately, inflammatory processes, neoplasms, injuries, syndromes with lesions of the oral cavity, etc. make it impossible for a dentist to work only in line with the aesthetic component. Urgent conditions, which doctors of our specialty meet almost every week, remain a separate topical issue. The ability to diagnose the patient's condition and provide first aid before the ambulance arrives is a necessary skill for the dentist that will help save the patient's life.

   On November 23, as part of a practical lesson for 3rd year medical students in the discipline of "Surgical Dentistry" was considered the topic: "General anesthesia in surgical dentistry. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ". MF Prokopenko and OO Pompiy, assistants of the Department of Dentistry, were invited to the class by Oleksandr Olehovych Slotvynsky, a doctor-resuscitator of the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department of the Rubizhne CML. The resuscitator explained the theoretical aspects of the etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of emergencies, paying special attention to such a terminal condition as clinical death. OO Slotvinsky demonstrated an algorithm of artificial lung ventilation and indirect heart massage on a phantom. Subsequently, all the present students were invited to practice their phantom skills. that under the control of the invited guest and teachers performed indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. The manipulations were performed by students in pairs and one by one. Oleksandr Olehovych pointed out and corrected all incorrect movements of future dentists. In the course of the lesson we were joined by 4th year students who expressed some interest in the issues of emergencies.

   At the end of the practical lesson they discussed the features of emergencies and dental care, modern methods of anesthesia in dental hospitals and clinics, myths about the "television" methods of removing patients from terminal conditions and more. The students thanked the resuscitator for a full master class on the topic of practical training and received appropriate grades from their teachers according to the demonstrated skills.



The second student scientific and practical dental conference
"Current issues of modern dentistry"

   On April 17, 2019, the Second Student Scientific and Practical Dental Conference "Current Issues of Modern Dentistry" was held at the Department of Dentistry of LSMU. Teachers of the department and students of different courses, interns of the first year of study gathered to summarize the student research work at the department. Welcoming remarks were made by Acting Head of the Department of Dentistry Assoc. Patalaha OV

   The main topic of the reports was the coverage of modern aspects of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases. This was the first performance for some students. However, many members of the group already had the experience of performing. All reports were presented at a high scientific level, which aroused considerable interest and many questions - both from teachers and students. During the speech at the conference, the main tasks for the student were a full understanding of the material presented, its quality and ability to answer questions from the audience.

   According to the results of the conference, the winner was a student of the 4th year of 11c group Danylenko LP with a report on the topic: "Study of the strength of the adhesive bond between the photocomposite material and the hard tissues of the teeth."

   The diploma of the II degree was received by the student of the 4th course of 11s of group Reshetnikova SO with a report on the topic: "Comparative characteristics of root canal treatment methods and the effectiveness of endodontic treatment."

   The diploma of the III degree was awarded to Amatuni OA (intern of the first year of study) for the report "Pathogenesis of periodontitis".

   After the conference, the Head of the SNT of the Department of Dentistry Pompiy OO was heard, who reported on the main results of the scientific circle and presented the plan of its work next year.


You can see more photos from the event here: Google Photo