Patriotic educational work of the department is aimed at forming a nationally conscious, intelligent, professionally trained student. Teachers of the department hold talks on modern medicine and education, pay special attention to improving ethical education and upbringing, formation of students' worldview, national identification, which will further allow young people to objectively and independently assess the achievements of modern civilization and scientific thought. According to the teachers of the Department of Dentistry, special attention in the education and training of future doctors should be paid to the ability to behave in moral behavior and values, principles of medical ethics and deontology to show friendliness, politeness, respect and sensitivity to others, tolerance and compassion. others,

  Areas of educational work of the department as a whole cover the field of education in accordance with the general pedagogical requirements: patriotic education, legal, educational and professional, labor, aesthetic, environmental and education of a healthy lifestyle. The strategic objectives of education are:

  • scientific and pedagogical support of the unity of spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological and social development of the individual;
  • raising the importance of worldview knowledge and skills in education as the core of the unity of education and training;
  • creation of an individual "I" capable of making morally justified decisions, personal responsibility, understanding with others;
  • approval of the priority of national culture in educational work with the obligatory mastery of universal values;
  • methodical orientation of culture on changes, motivation and criteria of education of the person.