The department performs planned (initiative) research work "Actual aspects of the influence of perinatal factors on the formation of somatic pathology in children aged 1-14 years" (deadline - 01.2017-12.2021). All full-time teachers of the department take part in conducting scientific research within the framework of this scientific work.

   Agreements on cooperation have been concluded with the diagnostic centers "Microtestlab" and "Pharmbiotest", where scientific laboratory and ultrasound examinations are conducted. Based on the results of these studies, articles and abstracts of reports are regularly published in professional scientific journals.

   Within the limits of the specified research work the doctoral dissertation work of the head of department Voloshin OM is carried out. on the topic "System for predicting the adverse effects of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia on the course of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system in children of early and preschool age", as well as the candidate's dissertation of the assistant of the department Chumak O.Yu. on the topic "The role of matrix metalloproteinases in the pathogenesis of metabolic and immune disorders in newborns with connective tissue dysmorphogenesis."