"Those who know nothing of foreign languages ​​know nothing of their own!" Goethe
"And learn from others, And do not shy away from your own!" T.G. Shevchenko

History of the department: with respect to the past...


  The Department of Foreign Languages ​​began its work on September 1, 1956 on the day of the official opening of the Luhansk Medical Institute of the Ministry of Health of the USSR in the Luhansk region. The founder of the department, a man who was at the origins of the creation of a new structural unit was a graduate of Kharkiv State University. M. Gorky, senior lecturer KV Chaplygin.

   During the years of its activity (1956-1980) K.V. Chaplygin managed to gather around himself a highly professional team, completely dedicated to their work. The department taught modern foreign languages ​​(English, French, German), as well as Latin and the basics of medical terminology at a high scientific and methodological level. Also, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Medical Terminology has always been a center of educational work with students. Teachers of the department have always paid much attention to extracurricular work with students, creating conditions for the comprehensive development of student youth.

   It is impossible to ignore the significant contribution to the development of the department of its other leaders: senior teacher Korkyshko AA (1980-1985), Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Khomyak NV (1985-1994), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Porokh DA (2012-2014):

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   During the whole period of its activity the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin Language and Medical Terminology has actively implemented the latest teaching methods, worked on the creation and updating of the educational and methodological base, on the intensification and modernization of the educational process.

   In the 70's and 80's, the department trained more than 300 medical specialists to work in foreign countries.

   Since 2003, one of the particularly productive areas of the department has been the organization of English language learning by the teaching staff of the university, which was a significant contribution to the development of the university as a whole.

   A significant update of the material and technical base of the department (multimedia audience - 11 computers and a multimedia board) in 2009 made it possible to begin a new stage in the process of language training with the use of modern TZN.


Recent history: with faith - in the future!


  In October 2014, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin Language and Medical Terminology was evacuated to Kreminna, Luhansk Region, to the Ozerny Sanatorium, where it was merged with the Department of Ukrainian and Russian Languages.

   Since February 2015, the new structural unit - the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian - is headed by Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Karlova TE

   In the difficult conditions of the evacuation, painstaking work began on the restoration of documentation, the creation of new educational content and the organization of classrooms with students.

   The students, in turn, showed remarkable strength of spirit, fidelity to their beliefs and willingness to acquire knowledge under any circumstances with faith in the future. They supported the desire of teachers to work on the creation of a new university, gladly not only began to study using Internet resources and e-technologies, but also revealed their creative potential, helping to restore the educational and methodological base of the department.

   Despite the lack of staff and the lack of usual working conditions, the staff of the department managed to restore the full educational process, develop the necessary minimum of educational and methodological publications and successfully complete the 2014-2015 academic year.

   In August 2015, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian languages ​​was moved to Rubizhne and located at a new address: st. Lenin (Vladimir), 4.

   Thanks to the efforts of the Rector of the University, prof. І.В. Ioffe, the department received all the necessary logistics

   Today the department has eight employees: c. at. Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Karlova TE, Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer Grishina OS, Head of the English Language Section, Lecturer Lukash YM, Head of the Latin Language Section, Lecturer Kutsenko OM, Lecturer Zakotei KO, teacher Kremenchuk AS, senior laboratory assistant / teacher Chernushina LV, laboratory assistant Tsikalo NM.


   Three teachers are working on dissertation research (one for the degree of Doctor of Science and two for the degree of Candidate of Science).

   Each teacher was able to find his place in the team, while maintaining originality and originality.

   The new team quickly rallied on the way to the main goal of the department - the formation of a competent, well-developed personality; a specialist who is fluent in state and foreign languages ​​and fully meets the requirements of modern society, able to build and effectively use their professional potential, build their competitive future, achieve the best results in the chosen profession.

   In its current activities, the staff of the department relies on the intellectual potential of the team, the creative efforts of teachers of the department are embodied in regulatory courses, curricula of additional courses and electives.

   The Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian Preserves Traditions of Linguistic Training Based on Understanding the Unique Identity of Ukrainian and Each Foreign Language, Awareness of the Fundamentality of Classical Languages ​​and the Indisputable Importance of Medical Latin Assimilation by a Physician. and official-documentary sphere.

   Modern requirements for training a qualified specialist first of all require him to be an active participant in all globalization processes, ie to be a full participant in intercultural communication and have the necessary communication skills in professional and situational communication in oral and written forms, practical skills of native and foreign languages. different types of speech activity in the amount determined by professional needs and be able to master the latest professional information from foreign sources. All this increases the demand for qualified graduates (specialists) who are fluent in both native and foreign languages.

   In this regard, the main task of the department is to develop educational content of disciplines of the department and provide teaching of foreign languages, foreign languages ​​for professional purposes, foreign language for scientific and business communication, Latin and medical terminology, Ukrainian language for professional purposes, Ukrainian language for foreign students, as well as the organization of educational work (including patriotic, moral and legal, artistic and aesthetic, professional education) with students of all faculties of the University.

   All teachers conduct active scientific activity, take part in scientific conferences and seminars, manage scientific work of students within SNT.