The Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian builds educational work on the basic principles of human education, which are set out in a number of laws and regulations on education, upbringing, health care, social and legal protection of student youth. Among them are the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Education", the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "National Doctrine of Education Development in the XXI Century", the State National Program "Education. Ukraine of the XXI century », National strategy of development of education in Ukraine for 2012 - 2021, Strategy of national-patriotic education of children and youth for 2016-2020, the Concept of the state language policy in Ukraine, the perspective plan of actions for 2015-2020 concerning performance CONCEPTS OF STATE LANGUAGE POLICY,

  Educational work at the department covers all areas of education of young people and is carried out in accordance with the main provisions of the Concept of personality formation of the future doctor and pharmacist, capable of quality professional activity, creativity and self-improvement.

  The teaching staff of the department together with the mentors of academic groups intensifies the creative activity of students, encouraging them to participate in extracurricular educational and educational activities organized by the department within the student educational and scientific laboratory.

  In their work, teachers proceed from the fact that education is a multifaceted and complex process that involves the formation of a single system of values ​​in the student. In higher medical school, these values ​​should include attitudes toward themselves and others, attitudes toward the profession, society, and their country. The purpose of educational work in higher medical school is to educate a full-fledged citizen of Ukraine - a bearer of values ​​and universal heritage, and most importantly - a successful erudite high moral specialist.

  During the academic year, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian languages ​​work on the implementation of the linguo-cultural project "Doctor - a linguoactive profession." The work of the project is aimed at training highly qualified specialists, their education on high humanistic ideas of Ukrainian patriotism, cultural and spiritual heritage of mankind and universal values.

  In order to achieve the goals and objectives of educational work with student youth, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​with Latin and Ukrainian annually conducts and organizes events in the relevant areas:

  • National-patriotic education
  • Civil law education
  • Professional education and formation of the principles of a healthy lifestyle
  • Moral education. Volunteer movement
  • Art and aesthetic education
  • Physical education and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. Labor education
  • Work on informing students about competitions, promotions, festivals, forums and other events
  • Educational work in dormitories

The main types of organizational and educational work:

  • Conducting information reviews, thematic conversations dedicated to the memory of historical events, significant dates and celebrities.
  • Organization of students for excursions, meetings, household chores.
  • The work of the cinema living room, library and reading room of the department.
  • Organization of book exhibitions, literature reviews and photo exhibitions dedicated to significant dates, historical events and activities of prominent figures of Ukraine.
  • Work on the implementation of the linguo-cultural project "Doctor is a linguoactive profession".
  • Participation in the preparation and holding of events at the faculty or university level.
  • Organization, preparation and holding of thematic evenings with students.
  • Organization, preparation and holding of a cultural and educational meeting of students with representatives of the creative intelligentsia, interesting personalities.
  • Ensuring the participation of students in cultural events held by other organizers at the faculty or university.
  • Organization and attendance by students of performances, concerts and other cultural and educational events.
  • Organization of educational work to inform students about the All-Ukrainian and International programs, competitions, charity events, etc.
  • Preparation, organization and holding of creative competitions among students.
  • Work with the assets of academic groups, individual educational work with students of groups, students living in dormitories.

   It is in order to provide students with the opportunity to discover the spiritual potential, update the acquired knowledge and skills, increase the level of motivation to learn languages ​​at the department was launched the introduction of linguistic and cultural project "Doctor - a profession linguistically active."

   Currently, within the framework of this project, various events are held annually:
- All-Ukrainian radio dictation of national unity


- Festival "European Christmas traditions";


- Valentine's Day;
- Poetry competition "Seven strings I touch, string by string" to the International Mother Language Day, etc.


- Contest of modern song "Magic has fun spring";
- Creative evening: "Ivan Franko known and unknown", Virtual tour "Evening in the museum", meeting "Dialogues with Franko" in the Music and Poetry Living Room, "Saint Valentine`s Day";


- Talk show "Ukrainians in the world" and others.

   In addition, the department has opened a cinema living room, where students, teachers and staff of the university have the opportunity to watch films of various genres in Ukrainian and English, and a reading room.



  The main treasure of each university department is our students. They are our goal in themselves, so their opinion is very important for the staff of the department:

The most important thing is the unquenchable optimism and children's desire to live with adults. It is nice to study in such an atmosphere, you understand that you are with the best people (Zolotarev D., II course, 8l).

The department has many events, competitions, quizzes, conferences. All holidays were organized at a high level, which speaks of the wonderful experience of the teaching staff. We hope that the department will continue to work in this direction, because the life of LDMU is impossible to imagine without bright colors (A. Polukhina, 2nd year, 7l).

In my opinion, most of the holidays are given to us by the friendly staff of this department. Let's just mention winter carols or an enchanting song contest, and how many wall newspapers and designer products were created by students with the support of teachers. But we must not forget about the professional training of students. During the first year, it is very important to create a foundation on which a specialist will be formed, and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​undoubtedly helps us in this (Solomiychuk M., II year, 5l).

Our honor to the department !!! (II course, group 3l).