Today, we cannot imagine studying at a modern institution of higher education without the participation of students in scientific work.

  The task of student science is to find talented young people who are able to generate scientific ideas; to ensure the heredity of scientific schools and the continuity of scientific research; to form internal and interuniversity communicative scientific connections; to expand the worldview of a young person; to ensure the image and high scientific rating of the university.

  In 2016, the work of the student scientific group “Wings of Spirituality” was resumed.

  Today the current scientific club has the following directions:

  • philosophy (supervisor associate professor Sumchenko S.V.)
  • history (supervisor associate professor Ruda V.V.)
  • psychology (supervisor associate professor Zhurba A.M.)
  • culturology (supervisor senior lecturer Asieieva O.A.)
  • physical education (lecturer Nieskorodieva N.O.)

Every year, the results of the work of scientific club are presented at a student scientific-practical conference “Socio-philosophical and spiritual aspects of human health” .


Also under the guidance of teachers, students participate in international and national scientific conferences: