Areas of educational work of the department as a whole cover the field of education in accordance with the general pedagogical requirements: patriotic education, legal, educational and professional, labor, aesthetic, environmental and education of a healthy lifestyle.

  In accordance with the annual plan of educational work, group and individual conversations are held, which address issues of academic discipline, the formation of a sense of medical duty and humanism, culture, sports, medicine.

  In lectures and practical classes, much attention is paid to issues of patriotism, morality and ethics, sanitation and hygiene.

  Stands dedicated to the fight against bad habits are organized.


  Education of versatile and morally mature, socially adapted, highly professional, creative personality of the student.

  Much attention is paid not only to intellectual but also to cultural education and organization of students' leisure.

  Educational work with students is an integral part of the process of quality training and is conducted in order to form students' civic position, preservation and enhancement of moral, cultural and spiritual values ​​in modern life, preservation and revival of traditions of the institute and department.

  Forms of educational work at the department are selected: round tables, thematic discussions.

  Teachers of the department take part in creating a favorable socio-psychological microclimate among students living in the dormitory and inspect the rooms assigned to the department.

  Additional work is carried out with students, aimed at adapting students to the conditions of study at the university, monitoring performance and attending classes.


- develop the professional culture of students;

- to form students' attitudes to their own country, family, activities, society, other people, to themselves;

- prepare future professionals to perform various roles: citizen, doctor, person;

- study of student problems and organization of psychological support, counseling;

- propaganda of physical culture and a healthy lifestyle.

Responsible for the educational work of the department:
assistant Glazkova Natalia Alekseevna