Research of the department is performed in the main direction in accordance with the theme of research "Computer modeling of objects and processes and statistical processing of medical and biological research data." State registration number GDR 0118U004284. In addition, teachers of the department take an active part in international, national, regional and university scientific and practical conferences. They are engaged in the preparation and publication of scientific and methodological recommendations, publications of articles and abstracts, the establishment of scientific links with institutions of higher education in Ukraine and abroad, research work of students.

  Teachers of the department have published textbooks, monographs and textbooks:

  Laboratory workshop on technology of structural materials and materials science / N.P. Василенко, В.В. Гончаров. - H.: Leader Publishing House, 2017. - 304 p.

  Hydrodynamics of continuous media: a textbook / M.V. Ненько, В.В. Гончаров. - Kharkiv: Leader Publishing House, 2017. - 72 p.

  Reliability of the main processes and devices of chemical technology / M.V. Ненько, В.В. Гончаров. - Kharkiv: Leader Publishing House, 2017. - 126 p.

  Technology of construction materials in chemical engineering (textbook) / N.P. Василенко, В.В. Гончаров. - Kharkiv: Leader Publishing House 2015. - 349 p.

  Heat transfer from a heater from ion-implanted steel 12Х18Н10Т / Popovich AN, Goncharov VV, Nenko MV - Veilag: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (0mni Scriptum GmbH & Co. KG). Bahnhofstraβe 28.66111 Saarbrucken. Deutschland 2016. - 64 p.

  Mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical technology objects: a textbook for students majoring in 161 Chemical technology and engineering and 226 Pharmacy / SO Kondratov, IV Sitak, TM Mateiko - Kh .: Publishing House "Leader", 2019. - 544 p.

  Teachers of the department regularly publish the results of their research in journals indexed in international databases, in particular, Scopus and Web of Science.