Doctors have always been considered the elite of nations, the profession of a doctor obliges not only in the professional, but also in the general, philosophical, cultural, moral senses.

  Anatomy is called the philosophy of medicine - so anatomists - are also to some extent philosophers who are well aware of the value of health and human life. Thus, being at the Department of Anatomy, communication with teachers objectively contributes to the formation of not only clinical thinking, but also universal values.

  It is known that the best results in education are achieved by example. Employees of the department mainly cultivate compliance with ethical norms, intolerance of corruption (both in relation to the educational process and in life in general), mutual respect and mutual assistance.

  Acquaintance with the history and achievements of the department, involvement of students in scientific work and individual communication are "bricks" for "building" the personality of a modern doctor and citizen of a large European state.

  Educational work at the department is conducted in the following areas:

  • Organization of classes missed by students and activities aimed at compliance with the discipline;
  • Control over attendance and adherence to the discipline by students and teachers of the department;
  • Organization of consultations on the subject of human anatomy;
  • Organization of professional advisory assistance to structural units of the university;
  • Organization and holding of intra-university Olympiad in human anatomy;
  • Organization and holding of an anatomical model competition;
  • Design of classrooms;
  • Conduct conversations among students about a healthy lifestyle;
  • Preparation of students for participation in the second stage of the Olympiad in human anatomy;
  • Conducting interviews with students on the rules of living, safety in dormitories.