Education in the broadest sense of the word
is a multifaceted process of spiritual enrichment
and renewal of both those who are brought up and those who are brought up by
V. Sukhomlynsky

  If you want to study medicine and become a doctor, come to study at the Luhansk State Medical University. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has everything to provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical training. 
Let's achieve your dream together!

  Education is first of all "absorption" by each person of culture of the native people that helps transfer, development and creative use by present generations of experience of previous generations, provides continuation in centuries of cultural and historical traditions of parents, creates from the pupil the person of this epoch. sphere of universal values.

   The educational work of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Luhansk State Medical University is a creative process that focuses on the features related to the specifics of the department, university and region. It is based on the main provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", the State National Program "Education", the Concept of National Education of Student Youth, the Concept of National-Patriotic Education of Youth, the Strategy of National-Patriotic Education of Children and Youth. 2016-2020, etc. The staff of the department promotes self-development of students, supporting the principles of self-management, self-discipline, conscious responsibility on the basis of cooperation between teacher and student.

  The main tasks of the educational process at the department:

  • training of nationally conscious intelligentsia, preservation of the nation's intellectual gene pool, increase of cultural potential, which will ensure high efficiency of future specialists;
  • education of future specialists as authoritative, highly educated, bearers of high general political, legal, intellectual, socio-psychological, aesthetic, physical culture;
  • creating conditions for the free development of the individual, his thinking and general culture;
  • formation of civic, social activity and responsibility, involvement of youth in the development of public relations;
  • awareness of the relationship of individual freedom with human rights and its civic duty;
  • cultivating the best features of the Ukrainian mentality: diligence, desire for freedom, harmony with nature, respect for women, love for the native land, raising the prestige of the Ukrainian language in academia and development of Ukrainian-language educational space: enrichment of aesthetic experience, participation in revival and creation of national cultural traditions of the city, region;
  • creating conditions for self-realization of the individual in accordance with his abilities, social and personal interests;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle, eradication of bad habits and crime prevention;
  • formation of respect for the university, observance and development of democratic and academic traditions of higher educational institution.

  The process of education at the department is organically combined with the process of educating young people, mastering the basics of science, the richness of national and world culture. A special place in the organization of the educational process is given to solving problems of professional education, the purpose of which is to form students' respect for the specialty of obstetrician-gynecologist, to develop the necessary traits, skills and abilities, development of creative potential of future specialists. 

Career guidance

  When we say the word "university", we mean, first of all, a large, intelligent, cheerful and lively student youth who seek to acquire knowledge, master the future profession and be useful to their country. It is very difficult to choose the future. Students of KU "Konstantinovsky Medical College" have already taken the first step on the way to the chosen specialty. Today they study at a college that has a long and glorious history. Most of them, having received diplomas in the summer of 2019, will work in medical institutions of Donetsk region. However, the share of future graduates of 2019 who seek to continue their studies and acquire the profession of a doctor, in the first days after graduation should choose a higher education institution in which to continue their studies. About the history of the relocated medical university, student life of their peers.