The history of the Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy of Luhansk State Medical University dates back to 2001. It was when the students of the first set of the established Faculty of Pharmacy began to study special technological and economic disciplines, a profile department was organized.


 First, the structure was called "Department of Management, Economics, Marketing and Drug Technology." The General Director of the Luhansk Regional Municipal Production Enterprise "Pharmacy", Doctor of Pharmacy, was appointed Head of the Department. N. Professor Alexander Pavlovich Gudzenko. Young and enterprising employees started working as assistants, namely: N.F. Benyukh, Ye.O. Perederiy, NV Кучеренко, О.Д. Nemyatikh, OM Gondel and VL Karpenko.

  Thanks to the support of KP "Lugansk Regional" Pharmacy "on the territory of the university was built a separate building -" Pharmacy-Studio ", which combined a functioning pharmacy and training facilities of the department. On the second floor of the building there was also a computer class, a research laboratory, and teachers' offices.

  In 2002 the name of the department was changed. The department was named "Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy".

  During 2001 - 2014, a powerful material and technical base of the department was created, which allowed to perform both teaching and research tasks at the highest level.

  However, the events related to the occupation of Luhansk by illegal armed groups made adjustments to the plans of the entire university, including the Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy. A Ukrainian-controlled university was evacuated to Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast, in the fall of 2014.

  The Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy received temporary premises at the Rubizhne Vocational Lyceum (Rubizhne, Luhansk Region, 39 Budivelnykiv Street).

  In order to reproduce the high-quality educational process, a cooperation agreement was immediately concluded between Luhansk State Medical University and Luhansk Regional Pharmacy. According to this agreement, the department was able to use the material and technical base of the Central City Pharmacy № 47 m. Rubizhne for the educational process in specialized disciplines that require students to acquire professional skills. The academic year 2014-2015 the department started in a new place. During this period, the educational documentation of the department was reproduced. Thanks to the help of the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkiv), the library fund of the department was created both in paper and electronic format.


 At present, full-time and part-time students study at the department, pharmacy specialists undergo internships, pharmacy specialists are trained (secondary specialization in Pharmacy Organization and Management), pre-certification cycle in Pharmacy Organization and Management, pre-certification cycle in specialty "General Pharmacy").

  From the moment of foundation of the department (2001) and till March, 2015 the head of the department of medicine technology, organization and economics of pharmacy was the Honored worker of health care of Ukraine, doctor of pharmacy. Ph.D., Professor Alexander Pavlovich Gudzenko. 


 Since April 2015, the acting head of the department is K. Pharm. Ph.D., associate professor Kucherenko Natalia Vasylivna.

  During the 2016-2017 academic year, the department was called "Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy and Pharmacology." At that time, the teaching of pharmacology was carried out for students of medical and pharmaceutical faculties. In addition, the department taught disciplines: "Clinical Pharmacology" (for medical students) and "Clinical Pharmacy" (for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy).

  At present, the name of the department is "Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy". The department teaches disciplines of technological and organizational and economic nature to students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lugansk State Medical University.