Research work at the Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy is conducted in two areas: organizational and economic (head of research - Prof. Gudzenko OP) and technological (head of research - Assoc. Prof. Kucherenko NV).

  The department continues to implement two initiative (search) research: "Technological aspects of drugs from natural and synthetic raw materials" (0118U004556, fundamental) and "Organizational - economic and logistical aspects of pharmaceutical activities" (0118U004557, fundamental).


Associate Professor Kucherenko NV performs a doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Theoretical and experimental substantiation of the creation of prolonged drugs in the form of tablets for use in cardiology."


Assistant Oksenyuk OE performs a candidate's dissertation on the topic: "Development of the composition and technology of antiseptics for the treatment of mycoses and skin lesions" (supervisor - Professor Gudzenko OP)