Acting director, a leading specialist of the interdepartmental training center of medical educational simulation technologies,
scientific degree - Ph.D.

Regulations on the center


Today, it is impossible to imagine the training and retraining of medical personnel without the use of simulation equipment, realistic models of patients and individual organs that allow you to practice both basic skills and complex clinical cases.

  The Lugansk State Medical University has been operating the Interdepartmental Training Center for Medical Educational Simulation Technologies (MiCeMOCT) since June 1, 2021. New high-quality equipment was purchased, which allowed for a better and more systematic approach to training. The center provides training for students, advanced training of doctors, practice of practical skills in specific clinical situations. Training is conducted on a variety of models, simulators and virtual simulators, which allows you to accurately model the processes, situations and other aspects of the professional activities of health professionals.

  The center is equipped with simulators and computer simulators with a modern information base, high-tech medical equipment that allows you to repeatedly work out the algorithm of action of each graduate and the team as a whole, to choose treatment tactics in various emergencies.

  The main task of the simulation center is the formation and support of applicants for higher education optimal sensorimotor skills of surgical interventions and medical procedures; diagnostics and emergency care; working out, both separate practical manipulations, and formation of complex clinical thinking and algorithms of medical actions in difficult clinical situations, skills of rendering first aid at work in a team and in a mobile crew by means of innovative training technologies.

  Training takes place in such locations as:

  • "Obstetrics and gynecology"
  • "Pediatrics and Neonatology"
  • "Internal diseases"
  • "Surgical profile"
  • "Emergency and emergency care"

  The center has dozens of computerized robot mannequins that simulate adult patients, newborns, infants, as well as training phantoms to practice specific medical manipulations (birth simulator, bladder catheterization, training laparoscopic station and others).

  Levels at which simulation training and certification are conducted:

  • Emergency care, Basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • Nursing skills, patient care;
  • General medical skills;
  • Specialized medical skills and certain types of high-tech medical care;


  • improving the quality of training of young professionals, quality control of practitioners;
  • without risk;
  • frequency;
  • rare or dangerous diseases;
  • without stress;
  • objective assessment;
  • the duration of the educational process is not limited.


  Student Scientific Society. V.G. Koveshnikov DZ "LDMU" created a circle of SNT at the simulation center. Students in this course will be able to improve their practical skills and abilities, which in turn will give them confidence at the bedside.

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