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Our university was awarded a golden medal in nomination “Innovative development and modern educational technologies”

Lugansk State Medical University

State Establishment "Lugansk State Medical University" ranks third in Ukraine among the higher medical schools of the 4th accreditation level according to the last rating list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.



  • High quality of training: the highest fourth level of state accreditation;
  • Six departments of different forms of education;
  • About 400 faculty lecturers, scientists and staff, including 76 doctors of science, professors, 288 candidates of science and associate professors, 9 Honored Science and Technique Workersof Ukraine, one Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, 5 laureates of The State Prize of Ukraine, 2 Experts of the State Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine;
  • The opportunity to get qualification in different professional levels from Bachelor’s Degree to Doctor of Medicine;
  • Diverse student body of 5000 people;
  • International student body from more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa;
  • Post-graduate studing on 55 specialties at internship and mastership;
  • Acknowledgement of the University diploma on the labour market (by WHO, GMC, USMLE, MCI, IMED, ECFMG and other organizations);
  • Cooperation and joint researches with many scientific institutions of former USSR and all over the world, such as Poland Medical Academy, Cambridge University, Virden University, clinics of urgent medicine in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Israel, Medical Center of Cardiff (UK), Medical Center in Saint-Etienne (France), New York Medical Center, Ukrainian Medical Societies in Canada and Austria;
  • The opportunity to take any specialty courses in English;
  • A modern well-developed campus including five academic buildings, clinics, a library, 5 students’ hostels, a gym, several canteens, etc.

You are always welcome to State Establishment "Lugansk State Medical University"!